Nothing like a little fire under your ass...



...or a little mud in your eye...

Exit Resize.jpg


...or an amazing friend running along side you...

Girls-Resize.jpg bring an unmatched smile to your face.



2011 Midwest Warrior Dash now complete. 

2011 Carolinas Warrior Dash? You're on notice.


OMG, you are so kickass!!! :) Congrats! You are so awesome for doing this. xoxo

Just another on the long list of why Rougie is amazing.

I love you so hard.

If you're serious about the Carolina one, let me know. I can check airfare. I owe you a trip.

Oh my lands, YOU DID IT! CONGRATS!

And don't you two just look so cute and adorable! And strong. I meant strong.

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