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Recently, my dear friend The Realtor decided to get out of the real estate business and into something she's truly passionate about:


Jen Media Ware-R.jpg


As a result, she has a new moniker: meet The Social Media Maven.

For so many of us, social media is second nature and we manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, our blogs, Google alerts, etc. without assistance.  However there is also a portion of the population that doesn't understand how social media works and more importantly, they don't understand how it can benefit their business - although everything they read tells them they need to jump on that bandwagon.  

The Social Media Maven saw an opportunity, which coupled with her love of all things tech-related led her to recently launch JenMediaWare Social Media Services. She steps in and helps people who don't have the time, knowledge, and/or inclination to engage in social media.  

To say I am proud of her is an understatement. I have long been ensconced in the stability that corporate America provides so I admire anyone who has the courage to leave that safe embrace and strike out on their own (and actually, The Social Media Maven did that several years ago when she got into commercial real estate). Still, she is taking a big risk to follow her heart and launch a business that she believes in and that she is passionate about and so for that I give her a standing ovation. And a blog post.

Seriously, what are blogs for if not to occasionally pimp the talents of loved ones?

So check out her website.  Like her on Facebook. Follow her on Twitter. Read her blog. Hell - hire her!

Trust me: I wouldn't take the time to make an appearance on my poor neglected blog if she wasn't worth it. She is. And I know you're gonna love her too.  

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