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Awesome fact #1 about the Internet: you can totally make up fake internet holidays and get away with it.  Witness National Delurker Day.

Awesome fact #2: sometimes you can harness the power of the Internet for good instead of evil.  Witness National Delurker Day 2010 when your delurking helped raise several hundred dollars for the residents of Haiti who had just suffered a most devastating earthquake.

As I sit here and I write this post, there is, at least not to my knowledge, not any massive devastation that is garnering worldwide attention - unless you count Sarah Palin's inapprorpriate use of the term "blood libel."  That doesn't mean there aren't those who need help and that doesn't mean we still can't harness the power of the Internet for good. 

So here's the deal: The first 75 comments on today's post will earn $2 per comment towards a to-be-determined charity (or charities). Additional comments will each earn $1. I'd make them all $2 but it's been cold (like really cold) and my monthly gas bill is approaching something close to stratospheric.

Comments can be as simple as "Hi" or as lengthy as your predicitions for who will win the Golden Globes on Sunday.  Feel free to also weigh in on worthy charities and/or how the Jets will fare against the Pats on Sunday.  For the record: I am a sucker for animals and I have to believe that TOM BRADY IS GOING DOWN. Ahem. Also? The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is its own special entity and Sunday's Globe winners should not be taken too seriously.

So go ahead. You show me yours, and I'll show you mine.

PS If the Jets actually do win, I'll tack an extra $50 onto the pot.

PPS If anyone does offer predictions on the Globes and gets at least 5 right, I'll send you some cookies. And add an extra $20 to the pot.


As much as I hate the Jets, I do wish to see Tom Brady's butt-chinned-face in the dirt. Also? Mark Sanchez has a way better ass.

I am so out of the loop I didn't even know the Globes were on Sunday.
I'd also wager I haven't seen a single movie outside of the animated category.

Tangled was all that and a bag of chips.

Oh Thank you for reminding me about the Golden Globes! They are my very favorite awards.

I'm pulling for The King's Speech in every category. Would not be sad if Black Swan won some. Was not impressed with True Grit and hope it wins nothing.

Nothing witty or clever coming from me, but big smooches to you!

I am cheering for the Jets harder than I ever have in my entire life this week. True story!

I don't generally have an opinion of the Jets, but if they are playing the Patriots, then GO JETS!

I'm just glad the stupid Colts lost...now this stupid town can shut up (told you I'm not a Hoosier, @burghbaby).

ANYWAY...charity wise, I have to suggest the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I would be totally remiss if I didn't. I have 1 child diagnosed with it and one that we're waiting on results of his genetic tests. I'll be raising money in the coming months for the annual walk, to raise some money for this incredible foundation that has helped to save and extend soooo many lives (average life expectancy is up to 38 years old now! SUCH an achievement). Anyway, that's my recommendation and comment ;)

Cheering for the Jets because Tom Brady has prettier hair than me.

Delurking! I'm cheering for The Bears to go all the way to the Superbowl!

Football is hard... let's go shopping!

Hello, there. new to your blog, but what an awesome idea. i hope you get a lot of comments. :)

Hiya! I'm new to your blog, but I can tell already I like you. Good luck with delurking day, and may you receive many, many more comments!

Don't like either team...but I don't like the Patriots more, so GO JETS.

In related news, Go Steelers!! ;)

Rougie, my inspiration two years running! Time for me to copy you again, though I can only aspire to do so with a shadow of your style...

My team(Panthers) had a horrific year which almost made me denounce football as a religion. Having said that, I am definitely not a fan of Tom "Pretty Boy Long Haired I Have the Hot Model As A Wife/Girlfriend whatever" Brady. Therefore, you have my support, my curses, my raised fist in an effort for the Jets to kick some serious New England ass!

THat is quite a risk you are taking, offering money for all the posts. Wow. And fun! I am supposed to be a Pats fan but I am not a fan of any sport, so I don't care. It would make people around here very happy if they went to the Superbowl, so I'm all for them winning. I just wish, for the love of GOD that someone would convince them to move the Superbowl to Saturday!!!!!

I have no idea who's playing football or who's nominated for the Golden Globes. But I do know that you should totally rent the Starz Series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". That is if you like blood and guts and lots of crazy Roman sex orgies. Yep, that's what I thought.

You know I'm a fan of this kind of party! Woohoo! I would like to make globes predictions so I have a chance at receiving cookies, but I'm woefully underinformed this year.

I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any of the movies up for a Globe, so I'm useless there. But hi! (March of Dimes = my charity. Also, there's a memorial fund for Corey Ankum who suffered a Line of Duty Death three days before Christmas, 2010. He left behind a wife and three children. More information: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2010/12/22/firefighter-corey-ankum-memorial-fund/ )

brilliant idea.

and yes, please, someone take down Tom Brady and his ridiculous lady locks.

So I'm going to predict the Golden Globes (even though I haven't seen any movies this year) but mostly because I want some of these cookies that everyone keeps talking about.

Motion Picture-Drama: The King's Speech, Actress Motion Picture-Drama: Natalie Portman, Actor Motion Picture-Drama: Colin Firth, Motion Picture-Comedy: The Kid's are All Right, Actress Motion Picture-Comedy: Annette Bening, Actor Motion Picture-Comedy: Johnny Depp (Alice), Supporting Actress Motion Picture: Amy Adams, Supporting Actor Motion Picture: Geoffrey Rush, Animated Motion Picture: Toy Story 3, TV Series-Drama: Walking Dead, TV Actress-Drama: Kyra Sedgwick, TV Actor-Draw: Michael C Hall, TV Series-Comedy: Modern Family, TV Actress-Comedy: Tina Fey, TV Actor-Comedy: Alec Baldwin, Miniseries: Temple Grandin, Actress-Miniseries: Judi Dench, Actor-Miniseries: Al Pacino, TV supporting actress: Jane Lynch, TV supporting actor: Eric Stonestreet.

Phew. I'm spent even though I skipped all the "boring" categories.

P.S. You are awesome!

hey babe, just de-lurking for de-lurking day. I'm a hockey groupie. xoxo

The Heartland Lab Rescue (http://heartlandlabrescue.com/index.php)is a worthy cause. I always have a foster labbie from there.

Hiya pookie-do!


Here's my $2 contribution to the charity of your choice. Let me know what you decide so I can claim the deduction. As for the Globes, I'm not on top of these things, but I think Titanic will sweep all the categories.

If you happen to be a stats checker as it applies to your blog, hi! I am the woman who pulled your blog up yesterday afternoon and promptly forgot about it until today, netting me a good 12+ hours on your site. And 'forgot' isn't really the right word . . . I have a 5-year-old, 3-year-old, and 1-year-old who all have the super sense to know exactly when my butt hits the desk chair - or maybe I make noise when I sit down . . . I'm not sure. I am hoping not, because that might mean my butt is bigger than I think it is. Anyway . . .

I used to love watching awards shows, but since I saw my first movie in the theater in over 5 years (AND IT WAS ANIMATED), I don't have the first clue who will win. I thought about leaving a joke, but realized they are all either from the "Humor For The Kindergarten Set" or from Playboy (Hubby's subscription, not mine. Ahem.) So . . . I've got nothing. Except some charity ideas:

As a baby-loss-momma, I of course support The March Of Dimes, but I am also a huge fan of String of Pearls. Aa the wife of someone who works in organ donation, I am also a strong supporter of those charities - check out Taylor's Gift or the Donor Dudes.

I am adding you to my Reader because anyone who would do this, is worth my time!

I finally have a way to comment,and stop holding in my opinion-I realize how deprived you've been. :)

I nominate Shriners Hospital as a charity.

adding to the cause? is it too late? Sorry I haven't been reading lately.

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