I've never been big on New Year's resolutions and I finally figured out why.  It seems like we deem the first day of the first month of the new year THE TIME to start fresh. To set new goals. To change behavior.  But why that one day? Why not the first of every month? Or every week? Or even every day?

Isn't every day a chance to start over? A chance to say: I am going to make better choices than I did the day before. I am going to live my life differently. I am going to be healthier. Wiser. Saner. 

Isn't every, single day a chance to start over?

So I am not making any New Year's resolutions.  Instead, I am trying to wake up each day and make better choices than I did the day before. And if I made great choices the day before, then my goal is to make even better ones the day after. 

Do I want to get my ass in shape so that I don't get it handed to me when I compete in The Midwest Warrior Dash with ModernMatriarch and Pseudostoops? Absolutely. But it's a day in, day out decision.  And if I skip the gym to come home and have some wine and gorge myself silly on Melba toast? That's ok. Tomorrow is a brand new day. (Also? How fucked up is it that I am addicted to Melba toast. Seriously fucked up if you ask me.)

Would I like to be more comfortable with my alone time? Most definitely. And I've done a pretty good job over the last 2 weekends, but I am sure a Sunday will come when I have nothing to do and no one to do it with and I will wind up feeling woefully sorry myself.  It's expected and it's ok.  Because tomorrow is a brand new day. 

Most importantly: I want 2011 to be about forward motion. I took some major steps back in 2009 and then I paused to catch my breath.  Well - I've had enough time to rest and it's time to keep pushing onwards. There's no finish line. No ultimate goal (although figuring out where I am going to live is kind of key).  Just the chance to keep making progress. Bit by bit. Step by step.  One day at a time. And if I take a break or fall back a step or two? I'm not concerned. Tomorrow is a brand new day.  


dude, we're so gonna kick some Warrior ass.

In lederhosen.

Theres's always that.

Nicely written. Thank you.

Melba toast? MELBA TOAST? Are you serious? o_O

Your reasoning is exactly why I've never done resolutions. If it needs done, it might as well start now. There's really no benefit in waiting for the calendar to tell me to start.

Umm, isn't that really a resolution????

And ummm, I didn' know a person could be addicted to Melba Toast. I do really enjoy them, but addicted? Staying home so you can eat them? That's a new one!

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