Old Navy has me seriously, seriously baffled.

For starters: why would the ultra-skinny Flirt jeans be flattering in the dark rinse but make my legs look like 2 overstuffed sausages in the lighter rinse?

Also - given that I wear a size 2* in the ultra-skinny Flirt jeans, one would assume that I would also wear a size 2 in other Old Navy skinny pants. Of course, one would be wrong.  However one wouldn't know that they were wrong until one had grabbed a pair of size 2 black skinny twill pants, paid for them, and brought them home at which point one wouldn't even be able to get their ankle into one of the legs.   Turns out I am size 6 in the skinny twills. Go figure.

Lastly: OLD NAVY IS OUT OF PAJAMAS.   I repeat: OLD NAVY IS OUT OF PAJAMAS.  This wouldn't be such an issue if I weren't hosting PJs & Pearls: The 2nd Edition on New Year's Eve and didn't need cute, new PJs to wear.  Of course the whole point of PJs and Pearls was to make New Year's casual and less stressful i.e. no running around trying to find something to wear and yet here I am running around trying to find something to wear and Old Navy, once known for always having a wide variety of cute PJs, is OUT OF FUCKING PJS AND IT'S PISSING ME OFF.

I think I need to go lie down.      


* For anyone who wants to stab me for saying that I wear a size 2 I assure you, it's not true. I mean, the jeans are a size 2 but I don't think they're a real size 2 because there is no way on God's green Earth that I am actually a size 2 (see the part where I couldn't get my ankle into the other size 2s). I think that the Old Navy people are stretching the definition of what size 2 is in order to give people, such as me, a false sense of skinny.  


I'm jealous of the pj and pearls nye! How fun! We used to have a pjs and boing Oscar party.
Old navy and their sizing? Ridiculous.
Oh, I went to our other walmart and they had the lotion!

Old Navy was out of boy's pajamas when I went yesterday. Outrageous! BUT, Target has some pretty cute PJs too. AND, I bought a gorgeous DKNY pajama set for my stepmom at TJ Maxx yesterday. All hope is not lost!

I bought some black sandally, wedge-heeley things that fit like gloves and were super comfortable just walking around the store. So I also grabbed the same size in brown. Ouch. So I agree, wtf? Black ones are still in my closet. Brown ones have "moved along"

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