So back in November (because Holy Hell - we're now in DECEMBER), The Reporter threw a little murder-mystery dinner soiree. Actually, she threw a total of three murder-mystery dinner soirees in total but 2 of them were over THE SUMMER and since my schedule over the summer was nothing short of ridiculous, we planned to have the 3rd and final one (which would be attended by The Artist and myself, among others) IN NOVEMBER.  And now November has come and gone, the party is 2+ weeks behind us, and I am just now getting around to posting pictures.  Would you believe I am *that* lazy busy?

The murder-mystery soiree theme was Night at the Waskers and I played the role of Hailey Michaels, bratty spoiled daughter of rockstar Bret Michaels.  Picture Miley Cyrus meets Kelly Osborne with a dash of Kardashian and a sprinkling of Britney.

Bratty Rock Child.jpg

That's me as Hailey Michaels signing my autograph on the back of crazed fan Dexter Dexter or Vincent Vincent. Shit - the party was 2+ weeks ago and I can't remember his character's name. All I know was that we each won for best costume. Dontcha just totally dig the mutli-colored hair extensions?


BRC 2.jpg

Here I look less like bratty rockstar child and more like heiress - mainly due to the fact that I am sporting my Great Aunt Lily's vintage mink stole AND you can't see the blue and pink hair.

Heiress 1.jpg

This was the shot that had me convinced that I'd make a fabulous heiress - excluding the fact that I am apparently flipping off the entire universe.  The combination of mink and bling and giant sunglasses has me truly believing that I would make a very, very good heiress.  And frankly, what heiress doesn't tell the rank and file to fuck off? At the very least, I've got the role of brat child down pat.  

Speaking of mink and bling...I saw Burlesque last night with Lilsaej and OMFG I am NOW BEYOND OBSESSED.  What's bizarre is that I knew nothing about the movie before going to see it. She just asked me if I wanted to go and who am I to say no to 1) a night out with my BFF 2) Recession Buster Tuesdays at the movies where $2 gets you a small popcorn and small Coke Zero (a little *too* small but as Lilsaej pointed out you can buy 3 and still spend less than buying a regular drink).

Anywhoo....the movie was...Fab. Divine. Full of bling. And sparkle. And sass. And sexy. And Xtina. Oh Xtina.

Britney Spears and Mariah Carey may have scared us all off from pop stars who try to act but Christina nailed it.  And GIRL CAN SING. AND SHIMMY. AND SHAKE. And her character was soooooooooooooo.....loveable.  

I now wish that I could:

1) Walk around in 5-inch sparkly heels always.

2) Dance with actual rhythm. Or carry a tune. Or both.

3) Coat myself in head-to-toe-glitter.

4) Wear lace bustiers and garters to work.

5) Get away with Jazz hands.


Since none of that is bound to happen, I am going to have to suck it up and settle for:

1) Listening to the soundtrack...obsessively.

2) Getting my toes painted Let Me Entertain You from the Opi Burlesque collection:


3) Singing obsessively to the soundtrack. Possibly while wearing lace. And heels. And sparkles.



Or something like that.


I really enjoyed last night. The movie. The popcorn. Your company. And, of course, the lack of tornadoes and hail.

I'm glad you liked the movie, or else you may never allow me to talk you into another. Predictable, yes, but SO MUCH FUN!

...and all that jazz...

I know nothing about the movie either except that I want to see it and have no one to see it with.

Your calves look awesome in that first pic! & you would, indeed, make a lovely heiress!

I didn't want to see it but now I totally do! Christina's voice rips through my soul - in a good way! A most excellent way.

How are you not already a professional heiress? Clearly somebody has made a mistake because you ROCK that look.

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