I have a tendency to bitch and moan. A lot.  It's just so....easy. And the Internet (especially Twitter) enables the bitching and moaning.  However, occasionally I don't feel like kicking the world in the gonads or stabbing someone. Occasionally, I am actually in a good mood. And this post is dedicated to the things that are currently making me happy 

About 2 months ago, I covered up the fading summer highlights in my hair and went back to my natural color which is dark brown. In fact, I went a shade darker than my natural color and suddenly with the richer, darker hair I was all about the darker lips. After weeks of mixing and blending 24 different products to get just the right shade of dark, I discovered Urban Decay's Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Perversion.

It looks dark and it is.  However because it's a gloss you can really control just how dark you go. It is so pretty and surprisingly neutral and I am just in love!  

I have naturally curly hair and last time I got my hair done, I had The Stylist dry it and style it au natural.  Well - not technically au natural because after years of taming my hair into submission, au natural is basically frizzy.  But it's amazing what you can do with a 1-inch curling iron - see:

Curly Girl.jpg 

My hair looked amazing: big, soft, gorgeous, lush curls. The Stylist described it as Come Fuck Me hair and I have to say, she was right.  However, my ability to wield a 1-inch curling iron leaves something to be desired so until I can sit through Curling Your Hair 101, I have rediscovered my InStyler, and I have to say - I am more than a little in love with the results.

Straight Girl.jpg 

Either way, I am having a lot of really good hair days.   

I have to give my 5yo nephew credit for the next thing on my list.  Is anyone else having an issue where the heat and dry air are sucking every last ounce of moisture out of your body because OMFG my whole body feels as dry as a tinder box and all I want to do is bathe in a vat of shea butter.  Even worse - I've had some congestion issues and the inside of my nose feels like sandpaper which makes blowing my nose beyond painful. Until I discovered these:

Aside from the ridiculously cute name, these are like a soft, moist, slice of heaven for abused noses.  And I'm sure all of you with kids have known about the benefits of any sort of moistened wipe for quite a while, but I don't have kids and I didn't know.  Now I do. And I am obsessed. 

I love Trader Joe's however I rarely go because it's just not convenient to where I work or any part of my already achingly long commute (45 miles each way in case you care). However, I happened to spend Friday night in the Big City and instead of doing something useful on Saturday like checking out one of the 2 new art museums, I went to Trader Joe's.  I forgot how CHEAP everything is.  And how GOOD it all is. And how CHEAP.  Especially the wine.  I bought 10 bottles...TEN.  Including 4 bottles of things with bubbles for PJs and Pearls: The 2nd Edition.  My total bill was $105.  And that includes groceries too.  The most expensive thing I picked up was a $7.99 bottle of Nerelo del Bastardo.  Obviously I need to start detouring on my way home.

Olivia Newton-John is thrilling me to no end these days.  Yes - you heard me right: Olivia Newton-John.

Don't judge lest ye be judged. And if you don't believe me, download Make a Move On Me. I guarantee that song will put you in a FAB-U-LOUS mood.

Dear Television Network Execs: Please bring back Designing Women.  While I enjoy the 4 episodes I have saved on my Tivo, it's not nearly enough to capture the sheer awesomeness of the Sugarbaker sisters. I mean, Suzanne with her "Big Woos" and total disregard for everyone and everything coupled with Julia's *zesty* approach to life keeps me from stabbing people on a regular basis.   


Above and beyond, the thing that's making me uber-happy is that I actually have plans for the holidays. Last year, I spent the night of Christmas Day with Lilsaej and her family but while the rest of the world was relishing in a 4 day holiday weekend, I was going batshit crazy feeling trapped and alone. Emphasis on alone.  It was not pretty and I had no desire to repeat it. 

This year's 4 day weekend is shaping up to be MUCH better - especially because I get to give the newly-engaged Dr. Diva a giant hug when I see her on Christmas Eve. Also? Something about a hot tub.  Either way - both are leaps and bounds above cleaning out my file cabinet, which is what I did last Christmas Eve. 

So yes. I have many reasons to smile these days. And when I am not smiling? Well, at the very least I'm not stabbing anyone. 

What about you? What's jingling your bells these days?


Girl? You look fan-freaking-tastic!!! Hot hot hot!!!

Love that pic of ONJ. It so reminds me of Xanadu, which my hubby made fun of me for oogling at Target this weekend.

Big smooches!

Your hair looks fab curly!!! (and straight too!!)

I hope Santa brings me an instyler this year

Love the name of the lipstick! Fitting, no? And your hair is just GORGEOUS!

Trader Joe's is awesome. Always buy nuts there. They are SOOOOOOOO much cheaper and they have tons of varieties.

I am very cranky this holiday season. Not much is jingling my bells. It's Monday morning as well, so perhaps I need to answer this question a bit later. ;-)

DAMN you have some serious good hair going on.

Great post! So happy you are celebrating the good!! XOXO

oh I love your hair! I love the colour and both styles curled or not. Let me see here we are not going to travel to the island but apparently everyone else is, and I will miss out on a few visits with friends and family. I'm going to work on the wrapping and unwrappping and eating and over eating I guess? Oh and we are invited to a supper Saturday night. I'm bringing dessert ACK! Gluten free, apple free and mushroom free

I love and have always love Olivia Newton John. I think I am the only person who bought the album she put out around 1994. I always wanted to have that sun kissed look she had in Grease. And despite what some people believe, I think she can sing her butt off. LOVE. HER.

Your hair looks fab. Really.

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