I would like to bottle today like perfume. I would like to bottle how great I felt all day today so that next time life kicks me in the crotch, I could spritz a little November 3rd on my wrists and be reminded that sometimes, life doesn't just *not* suck - it's downright awesome.

It was 100 little things and nothing at all that made today amazing.

It was my new Blue Agave Cacao perfume from Jo Malone.

It was wearing my favorite fall dress from Barney's.

It was a steaming hot bowl of bean-less chili at lunch.

It was the most traffic on my blog since my original 3 posts.

It was silencing the voice that always screams MEMEMEMEME and listening to the other voice in my head - the one which reminds me it's not always about me and that's ok.

It was a really good hair day.

It was feeling confident. Today I kicked ass, took names and looked absolutely stunning while doing it.

It was work. Yes work. The thing which I never write about. Just know that today at work things happened - big things - and a large project which I am responsible for launching took off like a rocket.

It was dinner at Del Frisco's and a really good filet mignon.

It was letting my intelligence shine through.

Today was by no means perfect.  It was cold and wet and rainy. 

I had to pass on post-dinner drinks at the Del Frisco's bar - teeming with attractive men -  because I had a long drive home.  I knew I'd be in the Big City late. I knew I could have packed an overnight bag and crashed with the Realtor. But my life - for now - is in Smalltown USA and so heading home at the end of a very long day feels like the responsible thing to do. Sometimes. 

The drive home was painful. Dark. Rainy. Long.

I was tired. But elated. 

Part of me wanted to call someone because I felt like celebrating. I wanted to share the joys of today and ramble on for 15 minutes about all of the awesome that had happened.  But I don't know too many people out and about at 10:15 on a rain-soaked Wednesday night. 

Besides, one of the things I am working on is being alone. Not only when things are tough and I want a shoulder to cry on - but when things are amazing and I want to shout it from the roof tops.  I am learning (or trying to learn) how to depend on myself and keep these moments for me. At least for a while.

So I got home, poured myself a glass of wine - and not the cheap, everyday stuff but a glass of Gun Bun Cab because today was not the kind of day for an ordinary glass of wine; today was the kind of day for an extraordinary glass of wine - and I relished in all of the good that had happened.  I relished in how wonderful I felt.

Maybe I can't bottle today. But I am doing what I can to preserve it.


Congrats on kicking ass today!

Heard an interview on NPR yesterday I thought you'd find interesting. It was a singer named Bulka describing the advice she once got from a famous 91 yr old spanish singer. She told her not to fear loneliness, because women need loneliness to be able to hear ourselves, especially when we don't want to listen. That fear is a form of waiting, and to be creative, you need to be able to both hear yourself and embrace the present.

So kudos to you for living today so thoroughly well, and continuing to share your creativity. Here is to November 4th being even better!

This makes me so happy to read. I'm so glad that you had that day to preserve.

And while I 100% commend the marinating in positive alone experiences I'm just a phone call away!

I'm so glad you had a good day. Sometimes I think you are too hard on yourself. You say you're all MEMEME when truly, you've been one of my most caring, generous friends.

The world is lucky to have you.

Keep kicking ass!

Yay for happy! You deserve a good day and I'm so glad you got one.

I am in love with this post! So happy for you!!

I love it- November 3rd. Eau de Toilette or Parfum?

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