So I forgot that the high of being asked out on a date can easily be replaced by a crashing FML feeling when things don't work out as planned.

I won't say that I had high hopes for Mr. Investment Banker. But I did have some. And I was very impressed with the morning after "would you like to go out" text.  What I am not impressed with is the fact that actual plans have yet to be made, but I am already receiving requests for photos - preferably of me dressed as the Fetching Fraulein.

While I can be as flirty as the next girl (and sometimes even more flirty), for some reason none of this is sitting right.  I'll take partial responsibility in that I probably should not have told someone the first night I met them that I dressed up as a slutty saucy German beer wench for Halloween.  Totally mea culpa and lesson learned.  But I am also going to have to go with: "Men Are Pigs" for $400 Alex.  I think it has something to do with the Y chromosome.

The game's not over yet, but he definitely lost the round.  We'll see if he redeems himself.

In the meantime, I am definitely going to need an industrial size bottle of Advil.


Ah geez. So sorry to hear it. Putz.

Been there! So annoying. He's out.

Well, yeah. Geez. That is a bit troubling.

Run. I don't care what you're looking for, I am quite sure it isn't a stranger who is asking you to send costumed photos before you've even had a date. At best, dating foul. At worst, super creepy.

fwiw, I'm pretty sure blogging details is usually a dating foul. At least when you actually are actually interested. Or actually are dating. Otherwise, let's hear all about it! ; )

Run. Don't walk.

Ask yourself: "do I deserve better?"
(hint: the answer begins with "Y" and ends with "es")

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