So what's a single girl to do when her sink breaks?

Option A: Google local plumbers and then pay someone several hundred dollars for the privilege of staring at their ass crack all day.

Option B: Call your 2 best guy friends and bribe them with the promise of baked goods, booze, and wearing a padded push up bra the next time y'all watch football.

No brainer - I went with Option B. You would too if you had guys like Sumo and The Kaiser in your life.

The only problem was that I had longstanding plans on Saturday to have lunch and see Harry Potter 7 in Imax with Lilsaej up in Concord (over an hour away), but that was the only day the boys could install my sink because no one wanted to cut into critical football/race watching hours on Sunday. Then someone realized that I didn't need to actually be there because what would I do besides hover and/or get in the way? Seriously - I am not even sure there was room for the 2 of them in my wee little bathroom. 

So I gave Sumo and The Kaiser a key, and left them a tray of homemade mac & cheese, a dozen of the best cookies I swear I've ever baked, and the better part of a fifth of Jack.  I left for my day with Lilsaej at 11:45am, and when I arrived home 7 hours later, The Kaiser was wiping down the last bead of caulk, the mac and cheese was just about gone and so was the Jack. Also? I had an awesome new sink:


Seriously: I am fortunate to have these guys in my life because without them, I don't know what I'd do.  Also? Who would take me out to watch UFC which is exactly what Sumo and I did Saturday night. 


You are a lucky, lucky girl.

Paying men in food and booze and boobery is what makes the world continue.

Who needs a husband?! Great men-friends, bribery & cooking. Seems like they make the world go round.

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