I know. I haven't written in a century and my first post back and it's a picture post. Such a cop out - right? Well suck it up kids because that's all I can manage.  A combination of being supremely busy and suffering from The Block has kept my usually nimble fingers not so nimble and I'd rather write nothing than write crap.  So photos it is!

Last night Lilsaej threw her annual Halloween/Birthday bash, and it was, as always, a rollicking good time. I went as a Fetching Fraulein which translates to Slutty German Beer Girl.



T1 and T2, as it should be. Also? Lilsaej does Spooky Psycho REALLY well.  Almost too well.



The Reporter and her man, The Mr. IT Guy.  I seriously think she needs to sport big, red hair all the time because doesn't she look hot? Also? Mr. IT Guy should be nicknamed Mr. Awesome DIY Man because hello - check out the mailbox he constructed from scratch BY HIMSELF.



The one where The Other Reporter (aka Gazette Diane), The Pixie and I are all actually looking at the same camera and looking at it well. 



I love this picture of me and The Real Estate Queen except for the classy beer I'm holding awkwardly as if to say: At 35 I probably need to start taking pictures that don't involve me holding some sort of alcoholic beverage but aw fuck it. 



You can tell that The Kaiser took this photo of me and Sumo because my breasts are starring center stage.  Nice.



More of The Kaiser's brilliant photography. Move over Andy Warhol.



This would be a great picture of me and The Kaiser only he looks kinda like an asshole. Of course, in this case asshole is totally a term of endearment.



Why yes. You are correct. I am totally flipping off Sumo and The Kaiser and I assure you, whatever they said and/or did, they totally deserved it. In other news, doesn't The Redneck Princess look like a saucy little minx? Meow.

It was a wonderfully fun party that involved lots of yummy eats (including these Buttermilk Bacon Pralines I made which I swear to pigs everywhere are better than sex, Guinness, AND cheesecake combined) and home-brewed *brandy* drunk from a Mason jar and the UFC fight on PPV (OMFG Brock Lesnar - really? We paid $45 to watch you go down in the first round?) and white knee highs (which no one got a picture of because apparently no one is familiar with the concept of *full body shot*) and good friends and too much testosterone and I was right there in the middle of all it. Seriously. Someone pointed out that I did not actually have to sandwich myself between The Kaiser and Sumo and tolerate all of their dumbassery and "Hey Nows" and crude, 12yo boy humor and I just sighed and smiled and explained that sadly, that was my favorite place to be, and really? It is. I love those bastards. 

UPDATED: The Reporter managed to get an actual head-to-toe shot of the whole beer wench look! And I'm not holding a drink. It's a photo double win!

3 of Us.jpg  


You did my heritage proud - you're a damn sexy beer wench. ;)

Damn girl, you are all kinds of hotness!!

love the shoes!

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