I got my first cell phone in August of 1997. It was a Star-Tac and it was a birthday present from Mom & Dad.

Thirteen years and many phones later, I still have no effing clue how to work call waiting on a cell phone.  All I know is that if I am talking to someone, and someone else calls, if I hit answer I hang up on the first person I was talking to with no way of bringing them back.

Can someone please explain to me how call waiting on a cell phone works?  There's a cookie reward in it for you. I swear.

Also? To everyone who has either won cookies or to whom I promised cookies (and there's about half a dozen of you), September sucked donkey balls but I plan to bake some time in October. I swear.

Also? Am I only the person who's never heard of the Flowbee? A co-worker brought it up at dinner the other night and while I thought I was well versed in bizarre pop culture phenomena, I somehow managed to miss this one.


Have a Happy Friday kids! I am off to visit ModernMatriarch and scare the Bejeezus out of Iowans everywhere.  


I have no idea how call waiting on my phone works, though I know I have it.

& yeah, Flowbee is totally old school. Where have you been??!

Enjoy Iowa, the land of my people!!

I'm not sure Iowa can handle you and me together!!

My first husband actually bought a Flowbee back in the day. Scary.

My first husband actually bought a Flowbee back in the day. Scary.

Sorry, can't help you. Don't let my computer engineering degree fool you -- I don't handle fancy-schmancy tech very well, so I leave features like call waiting off my cell phone plan. The simpler the better.
Besides, I kinda look at call waiting as someone trying to interrupt my conversation with the person I'm already talking to. I wouldn't let anyone do that in real life, so I don't do that in phone life. They just go straight to voice mail.

Have a safe trip to Iowa! Give AndreAnna a big hug for me. And here's one for you {{{HUG}}}


Seriously?!!? Even I can work call waiting on a cell phone-but I can't explain how to do it since I swear it's different on ALL models.

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