One bright spot these last few weeks has been the retail therapy. If there's anything I'm a champ at, it's shopping, and since Dress For Success - Round 1 didn't go all that well (I only kept 1 out of 5 things), I dove into Round 2 with a vengence. 

Actually - that's not true at all.  It was more like Ann Taylor made me her bitch and sucked me into a never-ending vortex of coupons and discounts and sales and overzealous stylists named Mary Lou who are determined to see me in pants but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

It started out simple enough: I returned the absolutely-gorgeous-but-really-not-appropriate-for-work skirt from J. Crew and replaced it with this:


Moss tweed pencil skirt


Hard to tell but it's a purple/green tweed pencil skirt that is very work friendly and which was part of a killer outfit I put together today.  Do you ever create a look and think to yourself: DAY-UM I AM GOOD? I mean - when I walked out of my house this morning I was pretty sure I could conquer the universe on account of my wardrobe and that made me feel good because when I returned the original skirt at J. Crew, every single salesperson in the store thought I was crazy for returning it because it was SUCH A PRETTY SKIRT.   

But I digress.

Anyways, after J. Crew, came 2 cheap but cute dresses from Target:


Product Image Mossimo┬« Black: Women's Novelty Dress - Black/Grey Print 16


Product Image Mossimo┬« Black: Women's TRS Sheath Dress - Black Herringbone 

And then came Ann. 

It started out innocently enough - browsing dresses online while at home one Saturday morning. Then a few days later came the email announcing a special deal wherein if you ordered 3 or more full priced items, you got a 40% discount.  Ok - you have my attention. You also have my money.

When the items were delivered a few days later, everything was too big so I took one of the dresses to the Ann Taylor store near my office to swap it out.  There I met Mary Lou, an overzealous stylist who was determined to see me try on the entire store even though I told her I had to get back to work.  Still in a rapid fire 10 minute window the 2 of us managed to find me another 2 dresses, swap out the original dress for the correct size, and grab a necklace which all also came with the same 40% discount plus an extra 15% since Mary Lou upgraded my Ann Taylor card to an Ann Taylore Mastercard.

A week later I was back to kill some time before heading to The Realtor's house and somehow I wound up with a suit, a skirt, a sweater, a belt and a scarf. And before you ask WHY...I will tell you.

They suck you in. Every day I get an email offering some kind of promotion or deal. There are coupons flooding my mailbox.  There are coupons in my bags when I walk out with purchases.  And I don't know how to say No to 30% off. 

The good news is, I am excited about my work wardrobe for fall in a very big way (and I'd show you pictures of everything but the Ann Taylor website is being kind of douchey not too mention THERE'S SO MUCH STUFF). The bad news? I am afraid of what my first credit card bill is going to look like.

Also? I told Mary Lou I'd come back one day when I actually have time so that she can have a true shot at styling me. 

I am officially Ann Taylor's bitch. 


If you're going to be anybody's bitch, I have to say Ann Taylor is a good master. She'll do right by you, even as she sucks up every penny you have.

I loooooveeeee Ann Taylor. And since I've had several different aliases I get multiple versions of every coupon they send out. Most Ann tailors will also do a private after hours shopping event for you and friends.

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