If you want to see pictures of my weekend in Iowa with AndreAnna, click here.

If you want to know what we did, read her blog. Seriously. Just pick a week and read.  Not to be all creepy and shit but every day was like one of her posts (sans Crossfit because hangovers & exercise don't mix).

Farmer's Market? Check.

Super Target? Check.

Getting busy in the kitchen with bacon? Check. 

Sassy & snarky daughter? Check.

Son that fluctuates on a dime between Satan's spawn and most adorable, grinning toddler ever? Check.

Awesome husband? Check.

Car bombs? Check.

Ridiculous baked goods from Mimma? Check.

Wii Battle of the Sexes? Check.

It was like I fell through the blog-o-hole and got transported to Diary of a Modern Matriarch for 48 fun-filled hours. 

Trust me. Under no ordinary circumstances would I just venture to Iowa. But AndreAnna and her family are no ordinary circumstances. 


Charlotte keeps asking where you are and when you're coming back! LOL.

I guess being exactly who I am is a great compliment, huh? It was a great weekend and can't wait to plan out this year's TwitHer!

Does she take reservations?

We were sitting at a random Irish pub in Charleston Saturday night and watched two people beside us down three Irish car bombs. I made the comment that they could give you and AndreAnna a run for your money. He bought a fourth round and turned his up; she asked for a water and left her fourth on the bar. So maybe she couldn't.

I have no idea how you can suck down the car bombs like you do. I think I might have the beer shits just thinking about it.

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