I woke up this morning to discover that a friend has unexepectedly and without warning died.  I found out via Facebook when I checked on his page to see what he's been up to since he's been quiet as of late. Instead of seeing a status update cheering on his beloved Georgia Bulldogs, I saw RIP.


At first it didn't make sense and I thought that perhaps I had misread something. But no.  I read correctly.  My friend, not even 50, is gone.


I don't know what happened and it will likely be several hours before our mutual friend, who lives in California, is awake and can fill me in on the details. Until then I am left here wondering and trying to make sense of something that honestly, makes no sense at all.

Life is fleeting and can be snatched from us without warning. 

So hug your loved ones extra close today.

Remind those who are close to you that you care.

Make choices that matter.


"Life tells you nothing, it shows you everything."


Today, Life reminded me not to take anyone or anything for granted. 


Rest in Peace my sweet friend.


So very sorry for your loss.

Your tribute is lovely and a good reminder that we are all fleeting.

Hugs to you.

So sorry for your loss, Sarah. :(

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