I never quite know what to say.

Should I tell you that I was there? That I heard the first plane crash? That I felt the explosion? Should I write about the chaos that followed? The not knowing what was happening?

Would you like to hear about how I stared in disbelief at the flaming hole where Windows on the World used to be? Where I had dined less than a month before?

It was a show in some ways.  All of us on the ground, necks craned, looking up.  Looking up at the flames. Eyes glued to the incomprehensible. But it wasn't a show. Watching someone jump out of a window isn't entertainment.

Do you see why I never quite know what to say?

What if I had stayed put? What if I had turned right instead of left? What if I had walked into the madness instead of away from it?

Should I tell you about the second plane? About hearing it approach? About turning around and witnessing history? Witnessing Hell?

I'll confess to you that I knew. I knew as soon as a I turned around and saw the second plane make contact that these acts were intentional, and suddenly I understood the true meaning of terror.

What else is there to tell you after that?

Never forget? How could I?



I sorry you had to witness that.....I'm sorry we all had to go throught that. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger ....right????I'm glad you survived !

Wow, sweetie. I have no words. Other than I'm glad you're here. :-)

Oh honey I'm so sorry. I had no idea. And sorry isn't even the right word because really, what ARE the right words?

I'm just so glad you're safe.


I am so sorry. And I think the words you found here were just right.

I have no words for this, so just {{hugs}}

Gives me goose bumps.. I am so glad you are here now. We need to get together soon

About 8months before this day my hubbie was a regular passenger on one of those flights. I was almost 8months pregnant that day, and it was the one day I turned my TV on in my NH house to watch some "adult TV". I was tired of Sponge Bob every morning. I love Sponge Bob, he's much better then the news!

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