August 5, 2009: In what can only be described as the ultimate act of clumsy, I opened a car door into my own head and gave myself a concussion.  It took me 39 minutes and calls/texts to 7 different people before I found someone to drive me the ER.  My day ended with a massive headache and a shitload of Advil.

August 5, 2010: I will be boarding a plane early in the morning to fly to NYC for BlogHer. Can I get a HOLLLLLLEEEERRRRRRR? And not only do I get to have drinks on this day with Shelly and Phat Donna, I'll get to see Annabelle Speaks and Amy at The People's Party and hopefully Campenette too. Oh - and in non-BlogHer news, I get to have lunch with my mom. And we won't even discuss August 6th because that's just going to be ridiculous.

So yeah. August 5, 2010 is shaping up to be a whole lot better than August 5, 2009. Assuming I can avoid any more self-sustained head injuries.

What a difference 365 days makes. 



Yeah, it's going to be way better obvs.

That is quite a difference. ouch!

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