So I had lunch today with the The Realtor and seeing as we are both smart, savvy, sexy, successful, single Leos we got to talking about quite a few things including being single in your 30s and we decided that being a single thirtysomething actually has some perks.

For example...

Let's say hypothetically speaking you are on a mid-summer vacation somewhere in the Northeast.  And let's say while on this vacation you happen to meet a friend of a friend who happens to be a very dashing, very charming man in his late 50s and who happens to resemble John Slattery.  And he's well-traveled and cultured (and did I mention attractive) and you spend much of the evening talking and flirting and drinking Malbec.  And at the end of the evening, as you go to say goodbye, he pulls you in for a goodnight kiss and you let him because you've always secretly had a thing for John Slattery (and Jamey Sheridan but who's keeping tabs) and the goodnight kiss is really quite pleasant and so you let it evolve although given that you have to be up in less than 3 hours it doesn't evolve into much.  Hypothetically.'s a pleasant encounter and while you don't think it's going to turn into much of anything, you enjoy it for what it is and frankly, you appreciate the life experience that a 57 year old brings to the table and while you're not quite almost 35 (which means the age difference is more than 20 years), you can get away with it because you're self-assured and confident and successful in your own right. YOU bring a lot to the table. Hypothetically.

And let's just say that a few days later you hypothetically find yourself traveling for work and on the very last night of a 4-day road trip, you find yourself walking into a restaurant at 9:55pm hoping to score some food before the kitchen closes.  And while the kitchen is unfortunately closed, they are all too happy to pour you another glass (or several) of wine and so you and your group stay and you're drinking wine and hanging out with the staff and it's all casual and fun and that's when you notice him. The attractive one in the banker's blue oxford. And he's all sandy-haired and light-eyed (so not your type - you (hypothetically) prefer dark hair and dark eyes) but he seems engaged and entertained and as it turns out he's the manager and the next thing you know he's giving you a private tour of the place which ends up with you two alone. In private. Hypothetically.

It's only later in the evening as he's driving you back to your villa that you find out he's only 27 at which point you die because you have a rule about not dating men under 30 - not that you're dating or that you're going to date but kissing is similar to dating kinda sorta maybe... Anyways you have rules because when they're in their 20s they are still boys although truth be told you know men who are in their 30s and 40s who are still boys and don't have it figured out and Mr. Banker Blue actually seems to have his shit together. Plus he says you have great legs, which, when you're almost 35 and it's coming from a 27 year old, is nothing short of awesome. Hypothetically or otherwise.

So yeah. This is what The Realtor and I discussed today at lunch (among other things). And we quickly came to the conclusion that being single in your 30s is pretty much awesome because it basically opens up the entire universe of men and gives you at least a 30-year swing to choose from.



You're my hero!

& apparently we have SO much to talk about this weekend!!!!!


Loved this post. Really enjoy your blog. It made me laugh and picked up my spirits. Thank you!

If I let you call me Luke will you be my Yoda?

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! thank you, I wonder what the 30's and dating were all about, now I know :)

Dude, I am not leaving your side this weekend. My hair dresser told me that I needed to get a little "over the sweater action" in New York so I'm only following directions, right?

See, I wouldn't have a problem with that since my line is 25.


According to the minimum formula (half your age plus 7), he'd totally be within your range. Go to town, my dear! ;)

Dang, girl. For the first time in a long time you made me want to be single again. To be honest, there's one thing I miss about dating -- that moment you realize the attraction's there and the flirting and will it happen/won't it. Sigh.

Sounds good to me. Fo' sho'.

Damn, now I'm jealous. Sounds so fun!!

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