A few weeks ago, I stepped on tripped over my Blackberry while it was plugged in and laying on the floor charging and while I didn't crush it into 1000 little pieces, the damage was bad enough that I had to replace it. And frankly, I wasn't terribly bummed because my old Blackberry was a basic, generic, camera-less model originally provided to me 2+ years ago by the people who pay me in real life and I knew that my new Blackberry would be high-tech, shiny and come with a camera.  Even better? I didn't have to pay for it.  Between the rebate and the $100 upgrade coupon I've been sitting on for a year I got a new Blackberry Bold for free.

I picked up my new phone a few Saturdays ago from Julie.  Julie works for one of the local Verizon Wireless stores and she has been calling me every 3 - 4 months for over a year reminding me of the $100 upgrade coupon and encouraging me to buy a new phone. I have always politely told her that I am not quite ready (because buying a new phone feels akin to accepting an engagement ring), but I have always asked her to follow-up in a few months because I have known for some time that a new phone was in my eventual future.

So when it was actually time, I called Julie and scheduled an appointment to come in and see her and give her the sale.  You might have thought this was a brilliant idea. I mean I did. But I discovered that Julie's eager-to-please-let-me-take-care-of-that-for-you-so-you-don't-have-to attitude screwed me up not once, but twice.

The first was the case.  I am known for being a wee bit clumsy and so it was important that I buy some kind of hard protective coating for my phone.  But, rather than showing me how the 2-piece case went on and how it came off, Julie just plunked the phone in the candy colored plastic and handed it to me. And while you're probably going: really Rougie - how hard can a phone case be to operate? The answer is: it's tougher than you think. Seriously: this thing is like some 15th century chastity belt that require's Merlin's magic to remove. Even Sumo and The Kaiser (who has an engineering degree) couldn't figure it out. 

Credit goes to Lilsaej who noticed a small crack in the corner and suggested that you could probably wedge something in there like a coin and pull the front and back pieces apart. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner - please buy this girl a beer!

So yes - figuring how to get my new phone out of its suit of armor was a challenge but we eventually got to the solution.

Meanwhile, the thing I had been MOST excited about i.e. having a camera (and apologies to all of my Twitter followers for Twitpicing my entire life going forward) was kind of a disappointment. All of the pictures were coming out grainy and/or dark and/or fuzzy despite my adjusting the flash and the exposure and everything else I could think of.

Well, the other day as I was wrestling my phone out of its case so I could pop out the battery and do a reset, I noticed a layer of plastic coating still stuck over the camera lens. In her haste to hand my phone off to me allreadytogo, Julie FAILED TO REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE LAYER OF PLASTIC FROM THE LENS - hence all of the arthouse photos from my Blackberry camera like this self-portrait:

Self Portrait 1.jpg

Sometimes eagerness to please can bite you in the ass.


This is the funniest picture!! I mean, it could be considered artistic in some circles. :)

We bought a case for my son's Nintendo DS and I had the same problem trying to get the damn thing off. I mean, jeez, it was ridiculous.

I love the purple photo! It's very artsy!

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