I started out the evening in a princess party dress and tiara because as we say Chez Rougie, a tiara is not just an accessory, it's a way of life.



The spread minus the mac & very expensive cheese (of which there is still a large quantity left sitting in my fridge if anyone is hungry.)



My boys Billy Ray Valentine and The History Professor.



The Banker and The Architect who drove all the way from The Big City to Smalltown, USA to help me celebrate. I love them for that.



The Fire Chief and The Angel.



Miss Mary, The Priest and me. And yes -  I invite clergy to all of my parties.



Me and The Artist, another IRL friend who I met through the Internet. Remind me to thank Al Gore for all the awesome people he's brought into my life.



The Redneck Princess and Pixie. These be my girls, yo.



Red and The History Prof. Red brought me a 5lb. box of wine as a birthday gift. It's like he knows me or something.



T1 and T2 aka me and Lilsaej.  There are no words for how much I love this girl.



Lilsaej and Bobo, her main squeeze. 



Me and Sumo. As you can see, he's a total teddy bear.



Me with Lilsaej and The Reporter. And notice the dress? Because I totally had a Diana Ross wardrobe change halfway through.  The tiara came off and the dancing shoes came on.



The Girl Scout and Mr. Festivus who shall henceforth be known as bestower of AWESOME gifts in Mason jars. 



Another one of me and Miss Mary. Watching a class act like Miss Mary partake of the Mason jar awesome was the highlight of my night.



Everyone usually has a good time at my parties.  This one was no different.


It was a FABULOUS birthday, a WONDERFUL week, an AWESOME party.  I have a feeling 35 is going to be a FABULOUSLY WONDERFULY AWESOME year. Thanks to all who have made it so special so far.


It looks wonderful! I'm so glad you had the fabulous birthday you deserved!!

So glad you had fun and so sad I had to miss it!

WAH. I'm so jealous I couldn't be there. Looks like everything was fabulous. Like your fancy ass.

Looks like a great time! You know, I need to re-invest in a tiara. As a child I saved up my money until I could buy one adn then I wore it until it broke and then I turned it into Barbie jewelry. I need more sparkle in my life.

Love the tiara...gifts in mason jars? Did you get moonshine?

Ah, so you know the History Teacher as well. His classes are what made me study political science and American history in college! You sure do know how to make friends with the right people in Smalltown :D

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