I am a plugged in kind of gal - to the point that I rank Internet access up there with water and oxygen as far as things required to survive. Those who know me know that my Blackberry is frequently in my hand because I am either Tweeting, texting, emailing, or IM'ing someone/something. If I am not doing any of those, I am probably updating my Facebook status.

When I want to Maine earlier in the summer, I assumed I would be without Internet or cell service, and I mentally wrapped my head around what it would be like to be off-grid for 4 whole days.  I decided that I could live with it and that it was a good exercise.  As it turned out, I had 4 full bars in the Middle of Nowhere, ME and so I didn't have to go off-grid after all. 

However, last week, we had a work retreat up in the mountains and guess what? It's pretty much a cell-free zone.  This wasn't exactly a shock because it was the same place we went last year and so I knew from experience that there was exactly one 4-inch spot on the side porch where you could stand to get half a bar and that's about it.

Last year, this freaked me out to no end because OMG - what am I missing on Twitter and Facebook? How can I read or write blog posts?  What if I need to text someone? ACK! It was panic and chaos and I spent the first day and a half both hyperventilating and trying to position my Blackberry so that it would catch whatever stray signals were floating around.

This year? I could have cared less.  I pretty much plunked my phone in my room for a few days and forgot about it.  And guess what? I lived to tell the tale.  I even (gasp) enjoyed being disconnected for a few days. I'm not saying I am retiring my Blackberry any time soon, but every once and a while it's good to unplug.

What about you? Are you an Internet junkie? Or can you go off-grid?


I'm sort of both. I went without my laptop for seven days, and while I wasn't totally without internet, I was limited to what I could do on my iPhone. It was fine.

I'll be going to Europe next month, and I won't be bringing my laptop and the cost of using the iPhone overseas will be ridiculous, so that will be NINE DAYS of being off the grid. Ouch.

OMG, I went through the same. I thought I was going to DIE during my unplugged week-long camping trip in 2009. But like you, I didn't, and in fact, I loved not being a slave to my addiction. Of course, it wouldn't have happened if I wasn't forced into it. :)

I like the convenience of being plugged in and seriously don't know how people live without a smartphone - having all that info: maps, restaurants, airlines, etc. - all at my fingertips.

It makes a hectic life a little more manageable.

That being said, I have no issue putting down the computer or my phone for a few days. My only problem is that the longer I'm away from it, the harder it is to give a shit enough to come back at the same level, ya know?

There are times I am totally addicted. Then I go a weekend without even booting up my laptop and it feels good. I just have to realize the world is not going to stop if I am not aware of every single person's every single movement. If something major happens, I will hear about it and life will go on.

I lovelovelovelovelove the internet, but I often go off the grid for days at a time. Weekends, in particular, are no-email and no-blog days. I may play a little Words with Friends on my phone, but only if I'm stuck in the car waiting to get to our destination. I like to tell myself that it makes up for the other 5 days per week when I spend 20 hours per day in front of a computer.

I can quit any time I want...

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