I spent the weekend with my parents and my 4.5yo nephew, Monkeyfish, and it was all kinds of awesome.

  • We baked cookies
  • We played Lotto (because he's too old for Candyland and Chutes & Ladders BREAK MY HEART NOW WHY DON'T YOU KID)
  • We blew bubbles
  • We played trains
  • I made him French toast with fresh strawberry syrup for breakfast
  • We read stories (OMG the stories!)
  • We danced to the Blacked Eyed Peas (which, for the record, my nephew knows all of the lyrics to I Gotta Feeling)
  • We swam
  • We played bus
  • We went to the county fair and rode every ride in Kiddieland at least twice
  • We ate hot dogs and fries
  • We played Uncle Wiggly
  • We went to the playground and went down the slide
  • We shared ice cream (chocolate vanilla swirl with rainbow sprinkles to be specific)
  • We watched Bob the Builder*
  • We went on a picnic
  • We playyed tag
  • We laughed
  • We hugged. Alot.

Like I said - the weekend was awesome.  For 2 days I got to be Aunt Rougie. For 2 days I was at Monkeyfish's beck and call:

"Aunt Rougie, let's play trains."

"Aunt Rougie, can you read me a story?"

"Aunt Rougie, can you sit in the back with me or do you have to sit up front?"

"Aunt Rougie, will you go on this ride with me?"

And you know what? I loved every minute it which made me think that maybe I might be cut out for motherhood after all. But until then, I am very content being the world's best aunt to the world's cutest little boy:









PS Do you all know about The Clap thing?  After lunch on the first day I helped put Monkeyfish into his carseat. I was all kinds of proud for getting him in and buckled properly thinking to myself, this parenting thing ain't so hard and I shut the door to the car when my parents both shout in unison: THE CLAP. YOU DIDN'T ASK HIM TO CLAP. And I'm all, What the hell? So yeah. As it turns out, in an effort to avoid getting nursery school sized fingers caught in very large car doors you are supposed to have the child clap to ensure that hands and door are nowhere near each other.  Whoops.

PPS To those of you with kids, I don't know how you do it day in and day out.  Two days of Monkeyfish (with a lot of help from mom and dad) and I was exhausted.  So gold stars plus lots of caffeine, chocolate and booze to all of you parents out there. You deserve it! 

* So yeah - those of you with the children? How do you not want to stab yourself in the cerebral cortex when watching children's programming? I am scared to think of what might happen if I had to sit through Yo Gabba Gabba....


Uh, I've never heard of the clap. Other than The Clap which is totally different.

Looks like a fabulous weekend. Will you be my aunt, too?

I'm with Shelly -- I've never heard of the clap either. I just tell my kids to put their hands in their laps.

And dude, Bob the Builder is one of THE most mind numbingly boring kids shows there is. While Yo Gabba Gabba is like a bad LSD trip, the music is usually pretty good at least.

Sounds like a great weekend! So glad you're considering motherhood. The scary thing about the kids' programming is when you start to kind of like it.

I'd also never heard of the clap, though I do try to make a note of fingers & trunks/doors, etc.

And thanks, but I'm wellll stocked with caffeine, booze & chocolate for all the reasons you mention. I WILL take the gold stars though! :-)

The children's programming reaches the mystical/magical stage when you realize it allows you to go take a shower.

The Clap? Never heard of it (but it's very smart).

You are totally cut out for mommyhood...espcially if you give me a little girl to marry Noah. Not that I'm at all particular.

You'd make an awesome mom.

Yes, motherhood is exhausting, but you learn to tune a lot of stuff out. Like the annoying kids songs and shows and... mom mom mom momomomomomomom mommy mommy mommy mommy mama mama mama mama MAMA!

It's like they give you an auto shut off switch when they're born. It's called a bottle of vodka and the hall closet.

Clap? what? no never heard of it. It looks like you had a wonderful time with monkeyfish. I could send you another monkeyfish type child for free sometime? or older if you'd like to try that size on. :p

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