I am, in real life, a fairly classy girl. I say please and thank you. I say "yes ma'am" to the woman at the grocery store when she asks me if I found everything I was looking for (even if I didn't). I believe in handwritten thank you notes and hostess gifts. My mama done raised me right.

Except for the part where my therapist politely informed me after our last session that I had, on several occasions, flashed her, and that next time I was sitting on a sofa at a meeting perhaps I ought to keep my legs crossed at the ankles. Ahem.

And then I died.  


Oh my sweet Lord. I hope you were wearing panties! If not, I DON'T want to know! :)

LOL!!! well sometimes this happens, it's a better person that doesn't say a thing or averts their eyes. ugh!

I knew I liked you.

I'm actually speechless. And dying laughing in the doctor's office. Thank God I'm wearing pants.

Oh honey!! That is hysterical. I am laughing at you...not with. Love.

Oh lord, I never pictured you as a Sharon stone. Do you cart ice pics around also? I love the big hat and cocktail pic of you in the sidebar by the way.

Oh dude, and this is WHY I don't wear skirts or dresses on a regular basis. I'd love to be all looking dainty and cute, however, it not only doesn't go with my attitude, I would be flashing people all the freaking time.

This is why we're friends. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU IRL!!! But please, wear pants.

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