My calendar has been and continues to be busy.  From New York to the Lake to Maine to Kiawah to New York to the Mountains to Boston to my parents and finally Connecticut by way of Boston. And that's just through Labor Day.

Post-Labor Day there are trips in the works to visit AndreAnna in Iowa, The Wine Diva at my favorite vineyard in California, and I am working on a trip to London to visit The Brit Girl over Thanksgiving assuming I can find a ticket for under $600.  I also assume I'll make at least one more NYC trip before the end of the year to see friends and family. Possibly two.

Activities that don't involve airplanes? A trip to Wilkesboro for the re-opening of the Wilkesboro Speedway in October, the fall race in Charlotte, the Jewish holidays, and Lilsaej's birthday festivities which will likely be spread out over 2 weekends.  At some point I also need to hop in the car and head across state lines to visit the Peach and the rest of my family who resides in the South.  Not to mention a series of trips throughout the Southeast for work that will mimic the round of epic road trips I made in the Spring.

I am a moving target.

On the one hand, it seems rather glamorous - and I am the first to boast that I can wake up on a Friday, check UsAir Supersavers, and be somewhere warm and sunny by noon. I have no schedules to coordinate. No children to consider. No one to tell me that I can't afford it or not to spend the money. I am a free bird.

But the truth is I live my life perpetually on the go go go go go because if I stop and slow down for too long, I become conscious of the emptiness. I am smothered by the loneliness. I ache for what I don't have. 

So I bounce from city to city, town to town; I go from car to plane to plane to car; from girls night out to NASCAR race;  I pack to unpack to repack only to unpack again.

It's exhausting.

But it's a way to avoid the pain.


There are worse ways people deal with emptiness. Your way is by far the awesomest!

See you in three days bitch!

I agree with AndreAnna, though I know it must be hard for you. If your travels bring you in my direction, I'd love to meet you and have a drink or two.

Yes, come to St. Louis and I'll avoid with you! No need to confront those pesky demons!

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