Your father is in the hospital.


Words I have long feared hearing and yet words I heard a few weeks ago.


Your father is in the hospital.


I freaked. And started sobbing hysterically because OMG: I don't know what I would do without my father.  I realize that at some point in time, he won't be around, but as far as I am concerned that's a long ways off and truthfully, I can't stand to think about it because losing my parents is one of my biggest fears.

As it turned out, dad was in the hospital having his appendix removed, and while it was unexpected, it was not a big deal.  My hysteria may have been a bit much. Then again, mom could have prefaced the call by saying: "Now I don't want you to worry but..." instead of diving right in.

* * *

Diving right in.  All of last weekend in NY I watched Cass dive right in. She had no fear approaching strangers - whether it was stopping a fellow blogger to compliment her dress or asking our waitress with genuine enthusiasm where she was from and how she came to be in NY or approaching an attractive me in a restaurant and saying: "I think you're attractive and I'd like to know what you're about."  Yes - she actually did that which impressed the hell out of all of us, because who has the balls to do that?

When it comes to people Cass has no fear. I, on the other hand, have no clue how to approach a stranger and it's inspiring to be around her as she draws people in without hesitation.

Still. Cass has her own fears. Or perhaps I should say, had.  Funny enough, I was the voice inside her ear helping her dive right in - or rather on - to a stage to dance like crazy in front of 1000 strangers. But talk to strangers? I don't know.


I was reading Garden & Gun the other day when I saw a blurb about Navitat. Navitat offers canopy tours that take participants on a 3.5 hour tour through the trees of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There are 10 zip lines ranging from 120 to over 1,100 feet in length, 2 rappelling experiences, 2 suspended sky bridges and 3 short hikes.  At times you're 2 feet off the ground and at times you're 200 feet up in the air.  

Navitat 1.jpg


Best of all? It's less than 2 hours from where I live.

The first thing I thought when I read about it was: I SO WANT TO DO THIS.

Then I remembered that I have fear of heights (although I love roller coasters - don't ask) and that previous attempts at ropes courses and zip lines have not ended well. Fear gets me every time and I stand there paralyzed unable to let go.

And then I thought fuck it. At some point - you have to face up to your fears because if you let them hold you back, you never move forward. And me? I am all about forward motion these days.  And the thought of forward motion down a 1,100 foot zip line 200 feet up in the air excites me. In fact, it downright thrills me.

So yeah. I'd like to believe that I am stronger than my fear which is why I plan to dive right in.

PS You really should read Cass's post on fear or rather not being afraid. It's one of the most inspired pieces of writing I've come across in a while. 


First of all - that was so incredibly sweet of you and I adore you.

And Second. I WILL DO THIS WITH YOU. I've been kinda waiting for an invite to come and take over your house but hell - I'm going to invite myself and we will DO THIS.

I would do it too! I love stuff like this. I'm not afraid of heights but roller coasters scare the crap out of me.

I don't know that getting there is feasible but know that I want to be there in spirit!

Very cool bout the Zip lines. An online friend of mine from Vancouver went on an Alaskan Cruise and did the Zipliners there! wow, She send my boys Postcards from Alaska too. Very very cool! dive right in girl, you can do it!

I had a blast zip lining in Mexico, I would love to join you!!!

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