I was writing my BlogHer post in my head while driving home from the airport this morning and when I was only at Friday afternoon after 10 miles, I realized it was too long. So for now, you got BlogHer 2010 in bullets, focusing on a handful of the highlights from the weekend:

* Meeting Shelly and Donna.  I've *known* Shelly for over 2 years and except for the fact that she loves coconut and I don't, we're pretty much separated at birth. So to give her a giant hug was all kinds of awesome.  As for Donna, I haven't known her quite as long, but we're currently traveling down similar paths and it's nice to know that I have a friend who really gets what I am going through.

* Doing car bombs with Donna the first night and then outchugging the 20-something investment bankers that Donna picked up.  (I know mom & dad - you're so proud!)

* So the first morning as soon as the exhibit halls opened we got herded in (literally) and I was a little overwhelmed so I went for something safe: Terra Chips. Of course they were promoting a new Thai Basil Curry flavor and let me just say that Thai Basil Curry anything is a little bit much before noon.

* So is having a woman discuss vaginal PH levels with you in grand detail, and for the record, that was the booth next to the Terra Chips. Overload.

* I was super excited to meet Southern Fried Snark aka Amy and Rhonda although I was disappointed that our power lunch at the Four Seasons got cancelled.

* I could write an entire post about how amazing Cass is. Seriously, I am so enamored of her big heart and her generous nature and her open mind.  She is strong and funny and goofy and gracious and these last few days I really got to watch her shine.  She lives life unafraid and it's inspiring. My favorite Cass memories are watching her have an entire table of men (incidentally a father and 2 sons) EATING out of her hand and the 2 of us being the first ones on the dance floor during the Friday night gala and dancing like crazy in front of 1000 strangers without a single care in the world.  

* Speaking of dancing: Saturday night at Sparklecorn the dancing was insane.  PERIOD. Oh - and Pop Rocks aren't lethal.  Neither is taking of Amy Blam's bra which I totally did.

* Sitting on a bed eating cheeseburgers and wearing a paper bag on my hand surrounded by women I admire and adore.

* So I thought that just catching a glimpse of the Bloggess walking down the hall was awesome. But then she was participating in the performance art piece of the Friday night gala and since we blew off the keynote and got to the gala early she was there sitting waiting to write little snippets and so I spoke to her and told her I was a fan and she didn't stab me or accuse me of being a stalker and then she typed a little message and signed it and Cass took my picture and OMG...she is funny IRL as she is online and I SO did not capture this memory quite the way I wanted to but I don't know how to explain it in a way that makes sense.  

* I had a lot of good quality time with AndreAnna and for the record: the main reason I came to BlogHer was to see my friends.  This probably explains why I attended all of 2 sessions and why I totally failed at swag but it didn't really matter. I didn't fly to NY for free samples. I came for my friends. Especially AndreAnna. 

* Speaking of friends...much of the TwitHer crew from Chicago made it and so there were lots of hugs with Sam, Katie, Sara, and Anne

* My Fit Flops.  My $60, super shiny, comfy as hell, will-tone-my-ass flip flops that I didn't need but did I mention the whole comfy as hell thing? Seriously. I haven't taken them off since I bought them yesterday.

I know there's more. People I met. Laughs I shared. Swiss and Scottish men that I accosted. It's too much to share it all.  So for now, know that the entire experience was exactly as I wanted it to be. 

PS As for pictures, I took none. But Cass took many - they are up here and here and they are the only evidence of all of the extraordinary that we shared this weekend.


Girl, I love you! You are amazing and I am so thrilled I got to spend time with you.

girl pictures or it didn't happen. :P

You are all I knew you'd be and even more. Love you!

Can you imagine a life without us KNOWING each other? I can't. I just. I can not. I'm so glad that this weekend was SO awesome. I think we both needed the awesome. And we brought the awesome. Love you!

It was very nice to meet you, ma'am, if only because it's good to have other witnesses to the Hawt Pimpery that Cass laid down.

Glad you had such a great time. Love Cass's pics! Hope I'll be able to join you next year.
Vaginal PH levels... heeheehee... sorry, I became 12yo again for a second there. :)

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