Ask and ye shall receive. Such is the power of the Internet. Last week I asked y'all to help me come up with a new theme song for my life and the responses were overwhelming.  Seriously. I thought that my new song would be obvious. That when I saw it, it would just jump out at me and grab me. But no. Y'all are just too awesome. How am I supposed to choose from these: 

  • Sexy Bitch, David Guetta: AndreAnna
  • I'm Coming Out, Diana Ross: Nenette
  • I'm Free, The Soup Dragons: Burgh Baby
  • Survivor, Destiny's Child: The News Producer (even though I had previously ruled it out)
  • I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor: The News Producer
  • Get The Party Started, P!nk: Harmzie
  • Memories, David Guetta: Harmzie
  • Let It Rock, Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne: Cass
  • Fresh Feeling, The Eels: The Wine Diva
  • I Must Be in a Good Place Now, Vetiver: The Wine Diva
  • Ten Feet of Snow, The Action Design: Alicat
  • On The Road Again, Willie Nelson: Miss Mary
  • Put Your Records On, Corinne Bailey Ray: Madame Queen
  • I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas: Suzy Voices
  • I Told You I Was Freekie, Flight of the Conchords: Suzy Voices
  • I've Still Got My Health, Better Midler: Suzy Voices
  • Indestructible, Disturbed: Suzy Voices
  • Sin Wagon, Dixie Chicks: Suzy Voices
  • The Warrior, Patty Smyth: Suzy Voices
  • What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong: Suzy Voices
  • Woman, Wolfmother: Suzy Voices
  • I Just Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Buble: The Realtor
  • Bootilicious, Destiny's Child: The Redneck Princess
  • New Attitude, The Pointer Sisters: The Redneck Princess
  • I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor: Dad
  • Fighter, Christina Aguilera: Rougie

They all mean something special to me in their own way and they all inspire me in their own way. Obviously I can't choose. So instead of a theme song for 35, I have an entire theme mix. What could be better?

And as much as I'd love to send you all cookies, that's going to be a bit of a challenge until someone decides to bankroll me in the cookie business. So I picked a winner the old-fashioned way: I put everyone's name in a hat and drew one. The winner? Harmzie. Seriously. I swear she wins every contest I run which may make you think that the system is rigged. Trust me - it's not. Because shipping shit to Canada is a giant pain in the ass.


I wondered how you were going to choose because there were some seriously great songs in your list. But a mix is even better!!

Rigged I tell you!! Ooh, I have two cookies right here in my desk! I'll eat them and pretend they're from you. Ahh that's better. Nom nom.

DUDE! THAT is awsomesaucetastic! I *love* your cookies! This time, I'll have to not tell all the little vultures what's in the package

Thanks. Cheque's in the mail.

I'm here to verify that she doens't win everything. I won the Peanuts contest.

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