Three things in the last few days have really made me rethink my diet:

1) Primal Matriarch, also known to some of you as Modern Matriarch. Her updates and posts on going primal are INSPIRING.  She's got energy. She's radiant. She looks amazing. She feels fantastic. And everything she is doing is healthy and makes sense.

2) We had free health screenings at work this week. Since I am a pretty healthy gal, other than my annual well woman exam, I don't really go to the doctor so it's been a while since anyone's tested my cholesterol and I was curious.  Most everything came back in the normal/healthy zone but my triglycerides were through the roof. Not over 200, which is what is considered "dangerous," but so close to 200 that I was concerned.  

Now as it turns out, the triglyceride test is one of the 2 tests that is impacted by food so if you don't fast for 8 hours before the test, the number might come back on the high side. I thought I fasted but apparently 2 Coke Zero Cherries and 2 pieces of sugarless gum qualifies as not-fasting. Had I known that I would have actually had breakfast. Anyways, while I am pretty sure that diet soda and sugarless gum, didn't cause my triglycerides to spike, it's quite possible the 26 pounds of potato chips, Pringles and Chex snack mix that I shoveled into my gaping maw over July 4th weekend did.

Really it doesn't matter. Whatever it was, it caught my attention.

3) In anticipation of the health screening, I got on my scale Tuesday morning. Now I have a love-hate relationship with my scale. If I am losing weight/have lost weight, I weigh myself EVERYSINGLEDAY first thing in the morning (after I've peed) to make sure I am still losing or maintaining loss. As soon as I start to gain weight/have gained my scale gets tucked away because OMG I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE NUMBER DEAR LORD. 

Right now we're in the latter stage. In fact, I don't think I've weighed myself since my well woman in January because when I saw the number back then, I died a little. And it was no different on Tuesday - the number horrified me.

The thing is - I know better. It's not about the number. It's about how I feel about myself. And being strong. And fit. And healthy. And I am, for the most part, all of those things. I can do box squats with 120lbs. resting on my shoulders. I can push over 250lbs with my calves. My trainer calls me a Beast. Another trainer always tells me I am the hardest working girl at the gym bar none.  For chrissakes - I put myself through boot camp - BECAUSE I WANT TO. July 4th weekend aside, I don't generally consume bags of potato chips for breakfast followed by 1/2 a pound of pretzel M&Ms for a mid-morning snack.   

So after I got off the scale, I reminded myself of all of those things. And then I stood and took a good, long, hard look at my body in the mirror.  I tried to push the number out of my mind and just look at ME. Did I like what I was looking at?  And for the most part, the answer was yes. I saw a few areas that could be better toned/slimmed down, and after talking with my trainer it's mainly increased cardio that will help burn off the fat. That and cutting back on the booze. Then again, I like my nightly glass(es) of wine. I like grabbing a pint or 2 after work. I don't want to look like Jillian Michaels because I don't want to have to give up the things I enjoy.

Still, all of these things cause me to think about what and how I eat and how to best take care of myself.  Going forward, I am making an effort to be a little healthier. I don't have the time right now or the local resources to go fully primal, but I am trying to cut back on refined starches and sugars.  I am trying to eat more fruits on top of the pounds of veggies I eat. I am trying to eat more fish (so how convenient that I just fell in love with sushi). I am doing a little more cardio at the gym. I am getting to the gym a few more days a week.  I even bought almond milk. 

Now I am not much for milk, but my co-worker Iron Man gave me a recipe for a breakfast smoothie that he swears by.  He uses 2% milk but Primal Matriarch has been talking about almond milk and almond flour and I love almonds and Earth Fare had a GIANT display of almond milk and so yeah - I bought some. My version of the smoothie recipe is as follows:

4 oz. soy yogurt (I got vanilla flavored but you could use plain or fruit)

4 oz. unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop whey protein powder (I got the Earth Fare brand, also vanilla flavored)

3 - 4 oz. fruit.  Now I did not have time to stock up on and cut up fresh fruit so I went straight to the freezer and OMG - look what I found:

Yoplait Smoothie.JPG

Yoplait frozen fruit blends especially for smoothies. I got a bag of Strawberry Pineapple Mango and used half the bag. 

Here's the other genius thing I found yesterday:

HB Blender.jpg

It's a single serve blender from Hamilton Beach and the blender cup detaches and becomes a travel cup (with room for a straw even) so this morning I made my smoothie and then just grabbed the cup AND OUT THE DOOR! Nothing to wash or clean up until I got to the office because at that point I had sucked down my delicious, low-cal (under 300), high protein (25 grams), healthy breakfast confection.

This isn't about a diet or weight loss. It's about a lifestyle. It's about making smarter choices.  It's about being healthy...most of the time because I can assure you that I am not giving up the occasional basket of chicken wings and fries.  And if I sound like Primal Matriarch? Well's because my dear friend has brain-washed me with almond milk or something really inspired me.  


That sounds totally awesome! I can't wait to try it. I have to get me one of those little blender things. Target have em?

And thanks for the lovely compliments. I appreciate your support on this journey, I really do!

I jumped over and quite honestly do not understand the concept of primal. I will have to read more. I was very impressed with her success. I need something. I am not doing well on my own.

I can't afford a trainer this year. I am not keeping a good eating lifestyle. These days we are eating in the car 3-5 days a week. It is sad and my kids deserve better.

Confession: Also note that this is being typed while drinking. I bought one of those blenders and then went online and bought 4 replacement "cups" because I know me enough to know that if I fail to rinse it IMMEDIATELY I will throw it out before trying to clean it. I'm all about being Green and recycling too. I even compost for goodness sake. But cleaning a glass from caked on smoothie is where I draw the line.

She's inspiring the heck out of me too...although I haven't so much done anything about that yet. Is vodka primal? I hope so. I'm primal. Like right now.

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