So you're probably all: why the Hell did she post a picture of nothing? Well, when we arrived, it was pitch black except for the thousands of beautiful stars. I tried to photograph the stars but I don't exactly have the necessary equipment and this was all I captured. Of course, it does give you a sense of just how DARK it was when we were trying to manuveur onto the boat.



This is low tide and you can see the convenient path along the rocks from the island to the mainland.



And this is high tide. You can see why you need a boat.



This is one of 100 beautiful scenery shots I took while wandering around the island.



I took this shot standing towards the top of the stairs that lead down to the dock looking up at the house. The first night I navigated that path in wedges without a flashlight AND I didn't break my ankle or anything. Do I get a prize?



Obligatory Rougie foot shot. God do I need a pedi bad!



The Padebco Roadster - ain't she a beaut?




Lobster traps at Robinson's Wharf.



Actual lobsters being unloaded by actual lobstermen.



Day 1 lunch: Lobster BLT.



Rougie post-Lobster BLT, 2 pints of Shipyard Summer Ale and a few spoonfuls of Round Top Peppermint Stick ice cream.



Pulling into Christmas Cove for lunch on Saturday.



Me, Dr. Diva and The Brit Girl. 



Private Equity Guy & Dr. Diva relax in "First Class" as we head out into The Atlantic.


Back of the Boat.jpg

Meanwhile here's The Brit Girl, Bo and me roughing it in "Steerage" but having a damn good time (and getting sopping wet). 

Deadliest Catch Audition Shot.jpg

My interpretation of Deadliest Catch.



The harbor seals we had been hoping to see. Of course, you can't really see them all that well in this picture, can you?



Cleverest boat name ever.



South Bristol looking all kinds of pretty. 





Group Shot.jpg

Private Equity Guy, Dr. Diva, The Southern Gent, me, The Silver Fox, The Brit Girl and Bo after a fabulous butter-drenched, lobster-filled dinner. 



Sunday morning, 5am as I made my way down to the boat to head back to Portland.  


All the lobster talk made my stomach growl. Literally.

Looks like heaven to me.

OMG, you hang out with a people who look like they walked out of the J Crew Catalog! (I meant that as a compliment!) LOL

Looks you had a blast! I'm jealous of all that lobstah.

Gorgeous! I'm now adding Maine to the list of places I need to go immediately!

Ummm...so I can't believe you didn't die and stuff. And now I want lobster. Lots of it.

What great shots! very cool about that tide, and path.

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