Although The Brit Girl and her family have lived in London for over 20 years, they've owned a house in Maine for 30 years and for 30 years that's where they've spent their summers.  I've known Brit Girl for over 10 years and for over 10 years she's invited me to come and visit. I never have. After this visit, I can assure you that I will never miss another summer in Maine again.

The house is on an island in the Damariscotta River and when I say island, I do not mean that there are bridges and ferries and easy ways across.  I mean an island. In the river.  When the tide is low, you can walk the 30 or so feet from the house to the shore without any problems. When the tide is high, a boat is required to get across.  The Brit Girl and I rolled in at around 10:30pm on Wednesday night. It was mid-tide - the absolute worst time because there is no way to walk but it's hard to navigate the boat because of the rocks. Plus - it was pitch black except for the thousands of stars dotting the clear night sky.

I was still tipsy from the wine on the plane and so navigating from the car to the rocks (wet, slippery) to the boat (also wet) in the dark while wearing wedges was a challenge. Actually, the first challenge was for Brit Girl to help her father, The Southern Gent, navigate the boat close enough to shore without scraping it up on the rocks with nothing more than a dying flashlight and a childhood memory to get her by. She succeeded beautifully and I was happy because there's nothing I love more than a dramatic entrance.

Miss Argentina, a family friend slash caretaker, was waiting at the house with dinner (swordfish steaks Dijonnaise, basmati rice and steamed asparagus with Parmesan) and wine.  We feasted and then Brit Girl and I stayed up way to late catching up over a bottle of chardonnay.

Thursday was a beautiful day. After sleeping in, we spent the morning sunbathing on the dock with periodic dips in the Damariscotta to cool off. Yes - it got so hot that I jumped into the river which was a bracing 60 degrees or so.  And it felt amazing.  Eventually we got hungry and so we piled into the boat (and by boat I mean Padebco Roadster and by Padebco Roadster I mean Most Beautiful Boat Ever and one of these days I'll download pictures and you can see just how gorgeous this whole trip was) and we took a ride down the Damariscotta and through the Atlantic (that would be the ocean) to have lunch on Southport Island at Robinson's Wharf. I had a Lobster BLT and 2 pints of Shipyard Summer Ale, a local brew.  Dessert was peppermint stick ice cream from Round Top - best ice cream ever I swear.

Lunch was followed by a nap on the boat and a nap at the house and a non-memorable dinner at another restaurant that required a boat ride.  Lesson learned on Thursday? I need boat shoes.

Friday was the opposite weather wise - cold and gray and damp. also meant the arrival of Dr. Diva and her BF, Private Equity Guy.  They arrived around lunch and we immediately got in the boat (are you sensing a theme?) and headed over to Damariscotta for lunch and shopping.  Despite the so-so weather, it was a lovely day and lunch was delish and the shopping was fab (great local bookstore!) and the pink grapefruit sorbetto I got on the way out of town was the perfect way to cap the afternoon.

Miss Argentina spoiled us for dinner with filet mignons topped with homemade chimichurri and corn on the cob which I slathered with epic quantities of Kate's homemade butter. There was still one more arrival, Bo (only because I am so beyond tired I can't even think of an even quasi clever nickname), who didn't land in Portland until 11:30pm and who didn't roll into the island until after 1am so we stayed up drinking wine and playing Cancellation Hearts (um yeah...I might be a little competitive...just ask Dr. Diva) until he arrived and then we stayed up even later because you know, he had to acclimate.

Saturday was much like Thursday weatherwise and we spent the morning sunning on the dock before piling into the Padebco Roadster and heading to Christmas Cove to meet up with The Silver Fox, a local friend, for lunch. I'll say this: the local haddock is amazing and lobster in mac & cheese is as good as you think it is.

Post lunch was an EPIC boat ride down the Damariscotta, around Southport Island, across some bay, down the Sheepscott River and into the Atlantic where we went on a quest for Harbor Seals....and found the. Pix to follow I swear. And when I say epic, I mean that I looked like those dudes on Deadliest Catch because the sea? She was choppy. Which meant sitting in the back I got DOUSED and good thing I was wearing a windbreaker-slicker type thing because Sweet Baby G did I get WET.

We returned home by way of South Bristol where we picked up live lobsters for a good old fashioned lobster boil at home and that's how the weekend ended: with fresh lobsters dipped in buckets of fresh lemon butter and a salad that included avocado and bacon. Let me just say, I might run for office on the platform that ALL salads ought to include avocado and bacon. As with EVERY meal I had in Maine (no joke) it ended with Round Top peppermint stick ice cream.

Post dinner we wandered down to the dock and watched the phosphorescence and then I stayed up way too late chatting with The Silver Fox and staring at the unbelievably gorgeous starry sky and pointing out constellations because apparently my knowledge of astronomy is downright impressive - and I don't even have that iPhone app.

All in all, it was seriously the best vacation I've had in ages and I'll be damned if I didn't tell 14 different people that I wanted to move to Maine and 14 of them told me to say that again come December and I told them all to pretty much Bite Me because Maine is awesome and I want to be a Mainer and eat lobster all the time and drive a really awesome boat. Except when it's cold.

Coming soon: Pictures and my travel Hell home because Lord knows the Universe kicked me in the kidneys on the way there so why should it be any different on the way back? See also: I had a massive panic attack pre-8am on Sunday on 3 hours sleep. AWESOME.


For the last few years, for some unknown reason, I have had a bug up my ass that we have to go to Maine. I've been desperate to go to Maine. Despite the fact that I have never been to Maine and know close to nothing about it. This post only reinforces my belief.

Also, I will vote for you each and every time you run with a platform of avocado + bacon. Think how awesome the signs will look!

Maine is very nice

We have a trip to Maine planned for October and now I CAN'T WAIT! It sounds like you had a fabulous time with fabulous company and fabulous food (and now I am hungry thankyouverymuch).

I want to go! That sounds fabulous. I love bacon and avacodo on sandwiches, too. So add that to your platform. I love the nicknames, especially the Silver Fox. Just seems like someone you have to meet. :)

Glad you had such a fabulous time.

I did some growing up on the west coast and I'll second those who say "wait for the cold", because it's wet. I'll take my dry -40 any day (any day in winter, anyway!) At least -40 doesn't let you kid yourself that maybe you can go outside!

All that whining aside, now I really want to go! All I know about Maine I learned from maybe Murder, She Wrote? I think my cousin lives in Rhode Island, but I'll bet both are fiercely defensive that they're not the same!

Lovely synopsis!

I love so much about this post. I'm listing the ways because I think you'll enjoy it.

I LOVE that you went. That after years of NOT going you went. I love that.

I love that you marinated in the love of good people around you and that jumped into the river and you got to feel that alive feeling in that way that you can only feel when you're so hot that you have to JUMP in to a cold body of water it doesn't even matter HOW cold. God I love that.

And the eating - and the drinking and the merriment - I love that most of all. I'm so happy you had a maine and that you shared it in a detail that was so sweet that I got to live a moment of Maine tonight.

I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

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