It was a whirlwind of a weekend! 

Saturday was The Librarian's bridal shower and not only was I a guest, I was also the caterer. Yes, I was actually hired and paid to cater the party although truth be told, I would have done it for free because I love to cook and frankly, I miss it.  Anyways, I got into the kitchen (and a bottle of chardonnay) Friday evening and spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning cooking up a storm, drinking wine (well Friday night anyways) and singing along to Les Miz. Yes kids, not only do I make one helluva Spicy Caramelized Onion Bacon Blue Cheese Dip but I know the entire songbook for Les Miz - verbatim.  Am awesome.

The menu for the shower was as follows:

* Minted Spring Pea & Goat Cheese Crostini

* Sausage Potato Puffs

* Mini Mac & Cheese Bites

* Meatballs & Homemade Pomodoro Dipping Sauce

* Pineapple-Peach Salsa

* Spicy Caramelized Onion Bacon Blue Cheese Dip

* Southwest Style BBQ Chicken Salad

* Ghetto Guacamole

* Roasted Garlic Hummus & Veggies

Other than the hummus, which was store bought, I made everything else from scratch. And pretty much everything was scrumdiddlyumptious - except for the crostini which came out too tangy for my taste although other people really liked them.  Long story long? There were no leftovers so I consider it a success.

But back to the shower. It's been a while since I've been to a bridal shower and this one was plenty fun - mainly because it was all of my best local gals (deep breath....): Lilsaej, Alicat, The Reporter (aka His Girl Friday), The Other Reporter (aka Gazette Diane), Pixie, The Redneck Princess, and The Girl Scout. Oh - and of course The Librarian whose impending nuptials we were celebrating. And there were mimosas and silly games like Pin The Junk on the Hunk only the Hunk in question needed to have his man garden better groomed and OMG I did not know that you could come up with quite so much junk. I mean a cactus? REALLY?

Anyways, at around 4 or so, after the last of the slutty sleepwear lingerie themed gifts had been opened it turned from a shower to a party and some menfolk arrived and suddenly it was Apples to Apples and Flippy Cups and then more Apples to Apples and OMG if I didn't drag myself home at MIDNIGHT beer-bloated and full of macaroni and ridiculously happy.

I woke up Sunday way too early but hey - that's par for the course in my world - and I sat down at my PC to do some work (like, you know, for the people who pay me) and OMFG - I couldn't access my drive. My personal drive for work with all of my files and EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE SWEET JESUS and DEAR LORD 8am on a Sunday is too early for this kind of drama.

Long story short? Firm IT spent the better part of Sunday fucking around in my computer and I STILL don't have the access I need. I am being blocked from my own drive - like I am an imposter or a thief or Mel Gibson. I don't know.  The good news is IT can do all of this crap remotely which meant that I knocked out 3 loads of laundry, cleaned my house and caught the end of the remade version of The Taking of Pelham 123 during Round 1 of IT Intervention.

Then we took a break and I made an EPIC run to Target because I needed cat food, toothpaste, Rid-X, Coke Zero Cherry, hair elastics, a card, a new pillow, a sports bra and apparently 3 new dresses, all eerily similar in style and all quite comfy. In fact, I suspect all will be making an appearance at BlogHer:

Target Black and Pink Dress.jpg

Target Pink Dress.jpg

Target Charcoal Dress.jpg

Oh. And I also needed hangers after buying 3 dresses. God Bless Target.

Then it was home for a disco nap, shower, Round 2 of IT intervention (without any success) and then it was off to Miss Mary's for a wine tasting.  About a year ago Miss Mary, The Artist and I all decided to become members of The Wine Century Club. The goal is to knock out 100 varietals and while The Artist is at 90-something, Miss Mary and I were in the 70s/80s so she bought a whole bunch of wine that we needed to drink and threw together a tasting.  Despite the fact that I drank my weight in Miller Lite the day before, I had no problem knocking off 14 varietals and a good bit of cheese.

All in all it was a great weekend. Fun. Productive. Social.  I was busy, which is good, but I had just enough "me" time to get stuff done, and I never felt lonely or sad. These days, that's a win. 

How was your weekend?


holy Busy!!! It sounds like you really enjoyed your catering. :)

Good for you on the catering! Everything sounds awesome, especially that dip!

Those dresses are too damn short for me. My ass hangs out and quite frankly, no one needs that.

The food was awesome! In fact, I wish I'd eaten more since dinner was beer and that is never good. I had so much fun!

Sounds like you had fun. I had my first ever tire blow-out while traveling 70 on the freeway. Scary stuff that. Then it wouldn't start. *blushing* I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact, I let the kids listen to your mix CD while waiting for AAA. Then forgot to turn off the ignition while tires were being boughten and changed, etc.

It is so good to hear you so happy.

Wow! You make me want to have a party and have you cater it even though I hate parties and having people in my house. Maybe you could just make all that food for you and me?

Redneck Princess and The Girl Scout?!? Perfecto!

And I'm totally booking you for the Halloween bash. Save the date. Hell, save the whole weekend!

You made me SO hungry on fb. And I lurve these dresses. We will need to exchange the digits prior to blogher.

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