"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

I don't know who said that quote but I have always loved it because it's about perspective.  How do you look at a caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly? Is it the end of the caterpillar? Or the beginning of the butterfly.  I'd like to think it's about beginnings. About fresh starts. And potential. And beautiful, brightly colored wings that carry the butterfly to new heights it never could have reached as a caterpillar.

Today I spread my wings. Although I didn't mean to. Or rather, I didn't plan to. 

Work has been great. It's always been great but recently it's been even better and anybody who talks to me about my professional life hears nothing but how exciting it is and the opportunities and blah blah blah. It's all good. Beyond good. 

And yet in the course of meeting with our president today, I let slip a casual suggestion. A hypothetical what if.  Not because it was something I was necessarily interested in but because there was a problem and this was a solution. One of many, but a solution nonetheless. I didn't think he would take me seriously. I didn't think that this unplanned idea which randomly popped into my head in the car this morning would hold any weight. I was wrong.

Our president was so excited by my suggestion that my hypothetical is looking less like a hypothetical and more like a reality.  It means shedding my cocoon and stepping outside of my comfort zone into a totally new role.

And if you want a true sense of how much I enjoy my cocoon, I once maintained the exact same routine for 6 months straight. Woke up at the same time every day. Made the same thing for breakfast, Went to the gym.  Stopped at Starbucks. Home. Shower. Work. Lunch - which was the same thing every day. Work some more. 20 minute cat nap. Work some more.  Anything that took me away from the familiarity of my routine threw me for a loop.  I like my comfort zone. Alot. It's warm and cozy and safe. Most importantly, it's familiar. 

But this new opportunity being presented to me means using skills that aren't yet honed. It means facing situations where I won't have all of the answers.  It means learning a new language and setting new goals.  It's terrifying.

But it's thrilling too.  It's thrilling because it means more opportunity and more upside than I would ever have in my current role.  It's thrilling because it's a challenge and I am no shrinking violet.  It's thrilling because people who matter have the utmost confidence in me. Most importantly? I have confidence in me.

So today I took a sharp left and turned down another road.  I am walking away from a role that is safe and that I do well to take on a role where I may very well fail. I am stepping outside of my comfort zone. I am shedding my cocoon.  And I am spreading my wings and becoming the butterfly that someone somewhere always knew I would become.

Today I am soaring.


I'm so proud of you! Congratulations, you beautiful butterfly!!

You go on with your bad self! I shall buy you your first Iowan celebratory drink in October.

This post made me so happy. Hooray for soaring. You're a very beautiful butterfly.

Yippee! How exciting and fabulous and wonderful. I can't wait to hear all about it. This is big. And keep the faith (ah, so that's what Bon Jovi was talking about).

Congratulations, girlfriend! You've made us all so proud. :)

It is so awesome to READ you and your Soaring and moving forward. I'm so very impressed. This past month you have been a Super Star!

I am so proud for/of you. Great job, my friend. Now print out this post and comments and tape to your mirror.

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