Pictures of the new kitchen are coming. I swear. Just as soon as me and my OCD put every little last thing away in it's proper spot and then mop the new floor until it sparkles.  I will say this: my new kitchen is a thing if beauty and I want to weep with happy every time I walk in. Seriously. 

In the's a little sliver of what to expect.

So when I moved into my wee little house, I inherited this gargantuan microwave and this piece of shit microwave cart:

Old Microwave and Stand.JPG

Really - can you see how big it is? It is to current day microwaves what brick cell phones are to Blackberrys. But because the rest of my kitchen was sort of outdated and ugly, it never really bothered me.

But when I rolled that sucker into my SHINY HAPPY NEW kitchen yesterday, I said: "Nope. That's gotta go."

So today I picked up a microwave that wasn't made in the 1970s and a white kitchen cart with a butcher block top.

Here's what the cart looked like when I took it out of the box:

New Microwave cart in pieces.JPG

It was in a bazillion pieces.

Here's what the instructions said:

2 people required.JPG

Assembly will require 2 people my ass. Assembly required 1 girl, 1 screwdriver and nothing else.

About 2-1/2 hours later, here's what I rolled into my kitchen:

New microwave and cart.JPG

Much better no?


It's a definite thing of beauty! Cannot wait to see the entire kitchen!!!

You rock girl!

I am AMAZED! The last time I followed instructions like that, I ended up throwing a non-assembled shoe rack out of my 3rd story dorm room window.

Yay! Very impressive!

Oh I like that!! much better!!

Very cute and stylish! You are the woman!

Oh and it fits the space so much better! It's the little things, truly that make a difference.

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