This is possibly my most favorite picture of me and my father ever:

Me and Dad2.jpg

And some 30-odd years after it was taken, it is still an accurate depiction of how I feel about the man who gave me half of my DNA. 

My father inspires me. He makes me smile. Hell the man makes me laugh out loud most days. I am in awe of who he is and how much he has accomplished. 

So Happy Father's Day to my father, my hero.

I love you and I have no idea where I'd be without you. But I wouldn't be here, I know that.

All of my love,



AWWWW! love this. What a great picture, and post!

I'm having a hard time getting over your dad's hair and 'stache. He looks like he may have been on Starsky & Hutch. LOVE IT!!!

Great picture. Even better acculades. :)

Wow, dad was quite swanky back then, eh? I mean, not that he's now swanky NOW. And look at your cute little denim skirt!

What a sweet post. You're a good daughter. :-)

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