A long time ago, I figured out why I had a thing for shoes: because no matter how crappy I felt about myself, no matter how much weight I had gained or water I was retaining, shoes always fit.  Shopping for bathing suits? Only after a stomach virus. Trying on jeans? I'd rather get a root canal. But shoe shopping is always fun and never makes me feel like crap and for the most part, shoes are so, so, so, so pretty.

So I have shoes. A lot of shoes. And not crappy shoes. I have a lot of nice, expensive shoes because apparently when I was in my early 20s I thought I was entitled to Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks and Sigerson Morrisons and so on and so forth.  And a lot of those nice, expensive shoes are stilettos because, well, because I lived in NYC and my best friend worked at Conde Nast and because I was young and stupid and not only did I spend a lot of money I had no business spending on shoes, I spent that money on shoes that were not exactly made for walking. 

And then I grew up. And I stopped buying stilettos because I discovered they weren't practical. And I stopped buying Jimmy Choos because $800 for a pair of heels is a wee bit ridiculous (although when I was buying Jimmy Choos they were much more reasonably priced). And then I moved from NYC to NC and there weren't a whole lot of occasions to bust out my metallic green Siggy Mo mules.  And so with 1 or 2 exceptions, at least a dozen pairs of shoes have been sitting in the closet, languishing, waiting to be worn.

And then last Thursday I had my Really Big Work meeting.  And I was getting dressed in my new Eileen Fisher Twinkle Linen Cami (if you click Zoom you can sort of see the silver threads woven into the linen and you'll finally understand how I could have indeed worn a sparkly dress to a non-Las Vegas related work gig), and I was having a REALLY good hair day and I had done such a good job with my smoky eyes and I was feeling all fired up and BOLD and SASSYPANTS and CONFIDENT and ready to pretty much take on the world, but something was missing.  

And in an instant I knew.  So I went upstairs, grabbed a pair of black Jimmy Choo sandals that I haven't worn in so long I don't even remember the last time I actually wore them, and slipped them on and then everything was perfect. 

All day as I walked - nay strutted - in my stilettos, I felt FAB-U-LOUS.  And I wondered why I didn't wear them more often.  It's not like I do a whole lot of walking. I walk from my house to my car. My car to the office. I walk from my office to the kitchen or the bathroom 2 3 6 times a day.   I walk back to my car. Maybe I walk into a bar or a restaurant. But it's not like living in NYC where you may wind up walking a mile before you can find a taxi or you wind up standing on the 6 train because it's crowded.  And so at the end of the day, instead of retiring the Jimmy Choos back to their dark corner upstairs, I left them out.  And I wore them again. And again.

And I realized that I have a lot of pretty shoes that get no airtime and so I am now rethinking my entire approach to footwear. In fact, while getting dressed yesterday I decided I needed a pair of strappy white sandals for summer to go with some of the new dresses I've purchased as of late. And not just strappy white sandals but strappy white STILETTO sandals so yesterday afternoon, after wrapping up a 5.5 hour meeting, I cut out of the office early, went to the mall and went shoe shopping.

My first observation is that everyone designing shoes these days is following the same trend which is butt ass fugly.  Seriously, it was like: fugly, fuglier and fugliest.

Secondly, I think Aldo's target market is strippers because every shoe is at least 4 inches high with an additional platform. That said, I found and purchased these:



They are a little on the whore side and I am not totally convinced. In fact, now I am thinking I ought to search Zappos, but I really wanted the shoes for my girls night out tonight with The Banker and The Realtor since I plan to wear this dress 


and wouldn't strappy white sandals look super cute with it?

Whatever.  I clearly need more caffeine this morning. Also? Given this recent attitude change, it's clear that I shall be marching to my sassypants sparkle destiny in really high heels.


I could not wear those shoes for more than 2 minutes and would probably break both ankles in that short time, but I admire your abilities and your fabulosity!

Can one truly march in stilettos? If so, could you make a video of that? And yes, those shoes will look awesome with that dress. Much better than the fugly ones the model is wearing.

Both dresses are SUPER cute.
I can totally march/strut in awesomely high heels and lucky for me-we drive everywhere in my town.

I could never wear those shoes. too high, too uncomfy. My big girl butt would be sore! Yes my butt cause my feet hold up my legs which lead to my butt. ouch!

You already had Sassypants Sparkle when I met you and now you're the Queen of Sassypants Sparkling, I love it!

Those shoes are nice. You have such impeccable taste and style. Good for you, to revamp it all. So proud of how far you've come this week.

Being male I'm not sure I'm allowed to have an opinion on the matter, but I think the shoes look good, and concurring with Suzy, way better w/ that dress than the ones the model has on.

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