How is it possible that my 30,000 mile service is scheduled for tomorrow given that when I bought my car at the end of September, it only had 9,889 miles on it?

How is it possible that I have like, 3 free weekends, between now and Labor Day? Seriously - I spent half of yesterday morning trying to plan a trip to Iowa to visit ModernMatriarch and her clan and I am finally, 17 texts later, officially holding a weekend in OCTOBER. That's. Just. Crazy.

How is it possible that I have such awesome friends? Wednesday morning on my way out of town I stopped by my P.O. Box and got an early morning surprise from the lovely Cass:


My first pair of Lulus, a cute little gym bag (imprinted with tons of important reminders), and what has to be one of the sweetest cards I have ever received. And to think that I only met her for the first time in January.

How is it possible that the State STILL has not paid my tax refund despite the fact that I filed in March?

How is possible that I keep thinking there is an acceptable substitute for sugar-free chocolate pudding? Sugar-free Jell-O chocolate pudding is the perfect 60-calorie treat when you need something sweet and creamy and chocolaty. Only the last 2 times I've bought pudding, I have kidded myself into thinking that something else will be equal or possibly better, and I blame Cinnabon. Partially. Because the memory of the scent of Cinnabon invading my nostrils every time I walk through a mall/airport made me think that sugar-free Jell-O cinnamon roll pudding would taste very much like my memory of that smell or even an actual Cinnabon which was nothing short of delusional. In fact, the pudding tasted so much like chemical stank ass toejam that I had to throw 4 of the 6 cups away because unless I was starving and that was the last food on Earth, there was no way I was ever going to eat it. (See also: the things that make real chocolate mousse so tasty - eggs, heavy cream, sugar, real chocolate - are all MIA in the sugar-free Jell-O chocolate mousse which tastes like cocoa-powder dusted hair mousse.)

How is it possible that this is my 97th entry? And that I haven't frightened all of my readers off yet?

How is it possible that sometimes, despite everything going on around me, I still manage to feel so damn lucky?  


October baby! Hopefully it will be fall-ish and we can warm ourselves with locally brewed beer!

That is a super cute bag. Funny, I also received a very sweet card in the mail this week.

Wow! Lots of miles. I am glad to see that you seem to be having less road rage issues these days, maybe because you finally have a decent car.

Totally love that it is your 97th entry. What will you do for 100? Give away a signed copy of a book by a semi-famous author? hmmmmm.

I so wish I had such great travel plans for the entire summer.

BTW...I was trying to figure out how I ever got to Lomax and Biggs, and I finally have the answer. I was on the James Patterson website and their alter ego wrote a guest post about a door.

I need to get me some of those pants!

So fun getting stuff in the mail! Especially stuff like pants and cookies. :)
So, whatcha doing for your 100th entry milestone?

Let me just say that you best arrive in Iowa hungry because A makes some damn fine food. And margaritas. Yummy, yummy margaritas.

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