My house is in a total state of disarray. 

The stove is in the laundry room.

The fridge is in my bedroom wedged in between my bed and my dresser at just the right angle so that I can still open refrigerator doors (barely) as well as get to my dresser. 

My bed in turn is pushed up against my night stand which is also home to the drawer that houses my delicate and lacy underthings and let's just say that the angle of my bed is not as forgiving as the angle of my fridge i.e. I can't get any clean underwear.

Getting my fridge into my bedroom was pretty much a small miracle seeing as my wee little house was built in the 1940s when everything (including appliances) was wee and my fridge was manufactured some time in the current century and is gargantuan relative to my wee little door frames. 

There is a layer of dust over EVERYTHING because this is what happens when you use a Skilsaw to cut through cement backing board in your house. 

Doors have been left open on and off all day which means the cool air that my a/c is trying to churn out is leaking out and insects are creeping in.

Speaking of insects: my entire body is covered in itchy red welts because apparently a mosquito or 7 decided that I would make for a tasty meal.

And much as I hate feeling discombobulated, dirty and itchy, it is all worth it because this ugly kitchen floor..

Old Kitchen Floor 1.JPG

This ugly, dirty, outdated, held-together-with-Duct-tape-in-places floor...

Old Kitchen Floor 2.JPG   

That floor is gone. It has been ripped up and hauled off never to make me cringe again.

It's being replaced by Sahara beige tile purchased on sale at Lowe's for 57 cents/square foot and being laid selflessly by The Kaiser, Sumo and The Hawk. 

Here's Hawk laying the ceremonial first tile:

New Kitchen Floor 1.JPG 

And here's a section that's already been completed:

New Kitchen Floor 2.JPG

This so-clean-you-could-eat-off-of-it, modern, neutrally shaded tile floor that is devoid of Duct tape is worth it.


But the duct tape was so versatile...

Wow, looks awesome.

And the fact that you had duct tape on your floor makes me love you a little more.

I love that tile. I have a kitchen floor similiar to your old one.
Where are all my manly friends to do this? Oh wait that's right I don't have any.

Oh I love the colour. :)

So, do you get to order them around and shit? 'Cause that would rock. Can you get them to dress in pink chiffon while they do that? Hmmm, I think I must be off my meds...

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