Sometimes I amaze myself with my level of assholiness.  First of all, I missed my father's birthday. I mean, I didn't miss it IRL (I am not that big of an asshole) but usually I like to take a little time to celebrate my loved ones here on their special days. Not that they ask me to. It's my choice.  Although really, I don't need to tell you all how awesome my dad is. I think most of you know that by now and for those who don't, hopefully Father's Day, which is coming up soon, gives me a chance to reduce my asshole factor by about 20. Or at the very least post an awesome picture.

In the meantime, I've had so much to talk about this week (some of it important, some of it ridiculous, and some of it flat out terrifying) that I have not talked about a big, giant, humongous deal, momentous occasion:

Dad's fourth Lomax & Biggs novel was just published! Can I hear a HOLLLLLLLLAAAHHHH from the crowd?

Seriously y'all: could I be any prouder? My father has been a writer his entire life but he didn't become a published novelist until much later in life (ok...not *that* late but well after almost 35 which is where I am now) and so when I think about the things I'd like to still accomplish in this world (write a book, get it published, send a copy to Oprah, she reads it, falls in love, I become an overnight success and Isla Fisher plays me in the movie version of my life), I look at my father as the perfect example of the fact that dreams can come true at any age.  So what if I haven't done everything by almost-35?  I still have a lot of years left to make my dreams come true.  So thanks dad...for being a constant inspiration.

And see? Asshole alert because suddenly this post is all about me (curse of being a Leo) and not dad's book.




Just buy it - ok? And read it. Seriously - I think it's my favorite of all of the books he's written.  And it's funny. Like laugh-out-loud funny. Like snort-Diet-Coke-through-your-nose funny. Like maybe-pee-your-pants-just-a-little-bit funny. 

Although it is #4 in a series so if you haven't read books 1, 2, or 3 I suggest maybe you start with those. I mean - you won't be totally confused and lost if you start with #4, but you will miss out on all of the fantastic character development and storylines that were created in the first 3 books and really, you don't want to miss out because my dad? He's one helluva writer.

PS If you don't believe me or think I am biased, then read this review. Esther Schindler is not only NOT related to Dad, she happens to be one of the top reviewers on Amazon so when she says 5 Stars and "Perfect, PERFECT escapist mystery reading," it's a pretty huge deal.  


Yay! I have loved all the Lomax & Biggs books so far and have been looking forward to the newest addition to the series. I put myself on the library waiting list back in March or something (I'm currently a very broke fan). Congratulations to your dad! Can't wait to read Cut, Paste, Kill!

I want to start from the beginning and plan to this summer! He's on my Nook now!

To anyone who hasn't read Marshall's books: READ THEM NOW. They are so wonderful. Brilliant, hilarious characters that you fall in love with combined with wicked awesome mystery and suspense. LOVE THEM!!

I've listened to 1-3 on audio, and so I want to do that with number 4 too. However, your father refuses to tell me when the audiobook is coming out!! I mean, I know he's totally busy with the whole James Patterson thing, but I'm his #1 fan.

I love love love your dad. Which is how I found you. I ordered Cut, Paste, Kill in March, seriously. Now I find out it won't arrive @ the bookstore until the 15th. A whole nother week. Are you freakin' kidding me? I ordered it so long ago to guarantee it arrived on time. I was ready to hit the store Tuesday. Even though I have several on my TBR his jumps to the head of the line.

You definitely follow in your father footsteps. Such talented writers. a package yesterday. Rocked out in my car this morning. Too bad I have such a short commute. :) Thankx.

Congratulations to your Dad!

You know I'm a huge fan of your dad's. Can't wait to read this one.

I finished it this morning... I pre-ordered and thought that it was going to be shipped several days *after* release, which seriously pissed me off. But ended up getting it several days *before* the real release (maybe it's a Canada thing).

So anyway, I have no idea what the hell happened & I don't care, b/c I got it over a week earlier than expected. Yay! Whatever you & your family did to Amazon to get it to me earlier, I appreciate ;-)

Oh yeah: Loved it.

I LOVE Isla Fisher. And how cool that your dad has written books!

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