I won't lie. This last week has been beyond good.  I have felt amazing. Proud. Strong.  Capable. Independent.

I listened to Cass and Ciel and everyone else who said to let go....and I did. I let go. And you know what? I floated. 

Fear. Fear is the siren's song and it beckons. It's easy. It's safe.  It sings a familiar song. But I chose faith over fear. I took that leap and discovered that I didn't actually fall off a cliff.

Last Thursday I put on a sparkly dress, killer stilettos, and a lot of attitude and I walked into the most important meeting of my year and I kicked its ass. And yes - the sparkly dress in question was totally work appropriate. And no - I don't work in Vegas.

Friday night, I kept my promise and took myself out for a nice dinner. And I didn't just order a salad. I ordered steak frites and ate every last bite of steak and every single frites and you know what? I actually enjoyed it rather than sitting there and wondering just where on my ass those frites were going to appear.   

This weekend I remodeled my bathroom. BY MYSELF. Ok. Fine. I had help from The Angel and The Fire Chief but whatever. I did 90% BY MYSELF and I am beyond proud because even though I know how to use a power drill, that doesn't mean I get off on it.

So yeah. This week has been beyond good. And yet...

Some things are still hard.

Some questions still have no answers.

Some times I still cry.

Last night I picked up The Messiah's Handbook, randomly opened it, and came upon the following:

"Destiny doesn't push you where you don't want to go. You're the one who chooses. Destiny's up to you." 

It was an appropriate reminder that my life? My life is not pre-determined. My future? It is still wide open and I am the one who controls it.  This last week has been beyond good because I have made the right choices. I have chosen me.  So it's how I will continue to push ahead because I like how I've felt this last week and it's how I'd like to feel always. 

I don't know what my destiny is yet...but I am determined to make it damn fabulous and full of sassypants sparkle.


Hooray for you! I love that we're all here for one another to give that "you got this" internet glance too. It is going to be full of sassypants and sparkle....because that's how you rock!

And just to keep you in line Ms Sassypants - you should know that occasional tears and mourning surrounding the inevitable changes of life are mucho OK but the next time you start to throw a pity party I plan to "slap you up sida tha head" Keep sparklin'

Excellent news! awesome Go!!! :)

Reading this puts a huge smile on my face! Amen to sassypants sparkle!!!

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