Last night I met The Banker, The Realtor and The Golf Diva for dinner and drinks and as soon as I sat down I was like: CRAP. Because guess who had an 8am breakfast in The Big City this morning  and guess who was planning on hanging out in The Big City with the girls and guess who didn't pack an overnight bag? Go on. GUESS.

And it wasn't a huge deal because I am used to the commute and I wasn't going to stay *that* late and we did actually drink, eat and pay and then the Golf Diva left and the rest of us were all set to leave and then long story short: we didn't leave. We stayed. And then I was like: well - if we're staying I am spending the night and oh yeah by the way I need clothes for tomorrow and since The Realtor and I aren't the same size she picked up her iPhone and called the personal shopping department at Nordstrom's (conveniently located across the street) and told them I needed a dress for work the next day, gave them my size and my price range and my credit card and BAM: a half hour later Anisha showed up AT THE RESTAURANT with a dress and it was gorgous.  And it fit. And it was ON SALE.

And so yeah. Apparently I am ridiculous. Also? I have pretty new dress.


I want to be like one when I grow up.

Amazing! That is so cool. Who knew?

wow!!! When do I get staff?

OMG, I want to be ridiculous too!

That is life-changing information. I may never enter a department store again. Assuming I can afford this service.

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