My new bathroom: The pictorial.

The dramatic tale (I rip molding off with my bare hands!) to follow tomorrow.


1 Old Floor.JPG

This is the old floor.  I covered it up immediately upon moving in because I couldn't bear to look at it.


2 New Floor.JPG

This is the new floor - although after 11 months it's not really that new.  Also? Note the shiny white vent cover. No comment on the rusted out piece of crap that was there before.


3 Old Bathroom 1.JPG

One view of the old bathroom. You can see the shower to the right (a little), the sink to the left along with the crappy white wire étagère which was really my only storage option since...


4 Old Bathroom 2.JPG

...the medicine cabinet above the sink was actually about 3 inches deep and 15 inches high and basically could hold half a dozen bottles of nail polish, a small tube of toothpaste and not much else. What's funny is that I actually purchased that medicine cabinet when I moved in as a cheap, quick fix to replace the monstrosity that was already there.


5 Peeling wallpaper.JPG

This is a close-up of the peeling wall paper after I had ripped the molding off. What's sad is that the wallpaper was peeling up like that in a lot of places. Also? Notice the 18 shades of paint on the wall underneath. 


And now I present: Xanadu.


 6 New Bathroom view 1.JPG

The first view of Xanadu.  See the sparkly shower curtain? And the pretty accessories? And the extra storage?


7 New bathroom view 2.JPG

This is the back wall.  Doesn't it look gorgeous? I am particularly fond of the black molding which didn't cost much and which adds a whole lot of snazz.


8 New bathroom view 3.JPG

The third view - over the sink. I finally have a real medicine cabinet. And a towel bar. It's incredibly exciting.


9 New bathmat.JPG

This is my awesome new bathmat which I am literally afraid to stand on because I don't want to get it dirty. Mainly because it's pretty. But also - because of the sequins I think it's a "hand wash" kind of thing and I prefer my washing machine.


10 New tissue box.JPG

Once I knew that the tissues were going to stay out in plain view, I drove back to Bed Bath and Beyond this morning - IN A MONSOON - to get the pretty box to cover them. Now I'll never have tissue box issues again.


11 More new bath accessories.JPG

More pretty accessories.  I had no idea that redoing a bathroom could be so....sparkly!


12 New towel bar.JPG

This is a close-up of my new towel bar: which I hung all by my lonesome and which is actually level. I KNOW!!


13 New towel bar with towels.JPG

And finally, a close up of the towel bar with towels including another very pretty but pain-in-the-ass to wash sparkly hand towel. Also? More molding which I am just obsessed with. 


Isn't Xanadu just the prettiest bathroom ever?


tres chic!! LOVE it. glad to know that I am not the only one who lives in an older (read dated decor) home.

I've only been in mine 5 yrs and I am JUST getting around to calling in a decorator to help me with color... the only upgrade I did to my bathroom was to have it re- porcelain'd (spelling???) white -- to cover up the circa 1950s square cut yellow tiles that cover 3/4s of the entire room. oh wait, and lest I forget the pastel mosiac tile floor.

I wont even discuss the paint colors on the wall (yes plural) although, thats mostly my ADD fault for "testing" out patches and then never following up.

Look at you! We just may need to change your name to Ms. Sassyhandypants.

All I can say is... Wow.

Very sharp looking :) Looking forward to the whole story

OMG, Xanadu indeed!!! I think I have bathroom envy. Love it! Can you come up here and do my bathroom too? You are totally fab, babe! :) xo

Ohhhhh ahhhhh i just got new taps similar to those but a bit more cheap and chrome. MJ was with me when I picked them out. He was voting for a set that he called "chocolate shower". They were pretty but too many places for gunk to hide. These are 1 piece! less gunk! YAY!

I love that shower curtain and bath mat too. I need me a change.

I agree with Miss Sassypants! Love the new bathroom. You got skillz, baby!

So gorgeous!!! You are a rock star!!

I didn't even know sparkly bathroom accessories existed! I think your bathroom is my heaven. Great job!!!

I love it! I love the crisp white and the accessories are amazing!

I love that storage cabinet--that's EXACTLY what we need above our toilet too.

So beautiful, so very beautiful. You are such an inspiration.

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