Now that I am a real blogger, and do the sorts of things that real bloggers do, I am super duper excited to participate in National Delurker Day, the bloggiest of all holidays.



Are you a regular reader but don't comment? Frequent commenter already? Totally new to Chez Rougie? It doesn't matter. Today is the day to poke your head out of the Internets and simply say Hi. Or Bonjour.

And...because I really want you to show me your privates to help, for every comment I get on today's post, I will donate $1.50 to relief for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Including my own replies.

AND....if you want to quadruple your pleasure, quadruple your do-gooderness, go visit the oh so sexy Diary of a Modern Matriarch, Miss I'm a Brave Badass Cass, and the rockingly hot Nenette because my awesometastic blogging babes are also celebrating Delurking Day by donating money to victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Sometimes blogging kicks some seriously, cool ass   

So Delurk. It's for a very good cause.  


Thanks for doing this. You're one cool bitch. :)

Thank you for turning Delurker Day into something for others.

On the other hand, in my post today I didn't donate anything to those in need. But I did give the world some never before published details on my new book, CUT, PASTE, KILL.

It may not be generous, but it's in keeping with the self serving spirit of the day.

Lurker Dad

What a fantastic idea - I totally jumped on the band wagon.

Happy Delurking Day!!

This is awesome, I'll make sure to visit all of them.

Happy Delurker Day, my brilliant badass girlfriend! :)
Okay, now you come do me. As in, my blog. As in, comment on my blog. heeheehee...

What a great thing you're doing. Delurking!

I just found you through AndreAnna, and I love that you're donating. Cheers!

Here you go! Loving the new blog!

Oh! I love this idea! This is my first visit, but certainly won't be my last - although I did visit your old blog a time or two. : )

Hi! Love you! Love the circle! This so very generous of you to donate for comments. Great Great Humanitarian! (bowing gently)

On another note, I have been to 3 times already and still do not see the new Cut, Paste, Kill blog today. Maybe it's my computer.

Happy DeLurking Day 2010!

You are so much cooler than me! So glad you all are doing this!

As if I could ever shut my mouth long enough to be considered a lurker!

We are gonna tear it UP next month. HOLLA!

Yay! Came over from Diary of a Modern Matriarch.

Thank you!

For the sake of craziness, I think the shit that you write is well constructed, hilarious and not normal. It makes me wanna go milk a cow when I have finished your writings. Love it!!!

Rougie, you are brilliant. I am totally stealing your idea.

I just posted on that I too will donate $1 for each comment on blogschu and on the Gundlach Bundschu winery fanpage at, as well as donate another $5 for every new fan we get today.

Thank you so much for this creative and generous idea. I forgive you for picking Florida over Sonoma. BTW it is warmer here.


Great idea! Definitely worth leaving a comment.

ps - where are you donating the $ to?

Rock on. And thanks for doing this.

Hello hello! What a nice idea.

Thanks for doing this. What a wonderful idea.

Hi & Happy Delurking Day!

I'm doing the same thing at my blog - $1 for each comment I get will go to the Red Cross. It's awesome to see so many other people doing the same thing!


I like feet.

Y'all are BEYOND awesome!!! I am donating $1.50 for each comment to Doctors Without Borders. Plus honoring those who couldn't comment from their PDAs and those who left word on Facebook. Keep it up!!!

Stopped by for the first time today to delurk. :-)

i usually have you donate your money to me in the form of cold beverages. this time you can donate that money for haiti relief. although i will still expect a cold beverage sometime soon.

Thanks're awesome..will be checking you out more!!

This is a fabulous idea! It's my first time here, so I'm saying hi!

Stopped by because your dad said I should. Stayed because you're funny.

I don't lurk! I am out about my fandom :)

I left a comment earlier, but for some reason, it must be lost in the webosphere.

SassyPants, ChezRougie, Rougeneck, Sarah, any and all of you--I just Love an adore.

HAPPY DELURKING 2010. Make the day count.

Hi, thanks for doing this. Doctors Without Borders is a good pick. I donated to them earlier today, and I'm going to try to get others to take notice of these National Delurker Day fundraising posts.

I was going to comment, but now I've got that awful (Billie Ocean?) song stuck in my head and I am 13 years old and devastatingly in love with Keith Schespine who's name I STILL can't spell and so I can't delurk; I'm too busy swooning over a jehovah's witness who is 8 years older than me and still a virgin.


OK, back to lurking.

help Haiti!

good website to donate to:

delurk for haiti? sure.

What a perfect day to join in at your new blog!

I'll make sure I add it to my list of blogs to follow. I'm sure it will be as fabulous as rougeneck was.

Thank you for helping!

Bravissimo! I've been spreading the word on your efforts to my friends!

It's not lurking if you know I'm it?

What an awesome thing you guys are doing!! Thanks for being such a great blogger and a great person as well.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! For those of us who can't donate a whole lot, this means the world to be able to help just a little bit. Thank you sooo much!!

I adore you blog and your warm & generous heart!

But why does your blog show up at black text on dark purple background on my PDA? I think you really need to look into that for your mobile friends. xo

I made it. Whew! And thank you.

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
For what are your possessions but things you keep and guard for fear you may need them tomorrow?"

Haiti is America.

Good for you! Thank you for doing this! Nice to meet you!

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